Pluto-gtk2 + gtk3 v0.2

GTK2 Themes by blue-dxca93 4 comments

You can always go-back to click-here redirection and then grab the link. I do not really shorten it.
Do see that people can download it with this trick.

Some poeple hate I do only use it to cover my uploading costs. And i don`t shorten links so you can always load the link from the second https: word .

This is only a preview, so i dropped gtk3.
Do finish with the gtk3 version end of next week.

regards bluedxca93

- Oct 25 2014
Ultimate Edition (Cinnamon+GTK)

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 2 comments

Nice theme. Im glad that you keep on making nice gtk themes, and not only one. Some others of yours are more color modifications, but colors are the most important elements in themes followed by border definitions and the theme name. Keep up theming!!! im sure youll be even more successful here soon. - Oct 20 2014
the menu is a high quality gtk3 theme b.t.w.. i did keep it close to ambiance with as much original gtk2 look as possible. There is not much more to implement. The code base is there since 2011.

You have a different opinion about this, but please umderstand that i did work weeks to do it to its current state and that there isn' t much more possible.

Im not uploading something unfished and say its finished or please donate to let me continue the work, no i do say : for donations ill continue faster.

On all my other works i dont mind if people fork them without notifying me etc.

Its nothing wrong on asking for donations.
Youre artwork is great and may even look better as some elements i agree. but mine is at least as difficult to make as yours even on its current state (90% done and stable). My artwork is currently in stable testing phase and freeware. - Oct 20 2014
theme works under unity cinnamon(w7-n) and gnome-flashback
im sure you didn't even test the theme.

Have provided an icon theme too.

There is no reason for your overreaction. I do read coments and do fix bugs, but not always fast for free. Whats wrong with that. - Oct 20 2014
please do rethink your pretty aggressive answer.
The theme itself is more than half finished, you sure do know.
Stop telling lies. The theme is workIng stable and looks close too the gtk2 one.

Dont tell lies . This theme is more than half finished and availablefor free.

All kde solutions i do know had some errors . Be more friendly next time and constructive. This is gtk3 and not kde.

have a good day
Bluedxca93 - Oct 20 2014
(windows8 Style) 0.1 Sigma metro

Full Icon Themes by jmsoviet 15 comments

adaptive resize from mogrify

other method: the good resizefilter collection from hawkynt ( requires wine + winetricks net framework or mono)=)

is fast on win7 and not too slow on wine. has gui + cmd line.

imagemagik has also à preblurring option, that produces sharp downscaled output. sounds funny but works.

if you have more questions about it send me a pm.

regards bluedxca93 - Oct 07 2014
sudo apt-get install wish
sudo apt-get install tclsh
sudo apt-get install gnome-activity-journal
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock
The main code of the script. For those who don`t want to download 130 MB for nearly nothing!, but a unclean virus like install script. The installer packages are java like ones , why?

What it does is to install cairo-dock + gnomenu (don`t know why it works but it does).

Do you need an translater for german? I could help you.
But please change your download mode. This won`t help anyone who has slow internet connection and the install sript is so buggy that im waiting a bit before testing your gnomenu theme.Hope you understand me. Your ideas are great but not the way you did wrote that damn installer.

gnomenu is an gnome independant nearly outdated Menu, that is still alive and well maintained in Zorin OS.

regards bluedxca93
- Oct 07 2014
(windows8 Style) 0.1 Sigma metro

Full Icon Themes by jmsoviet 15 comments

you did a huge amount of work.I do see that.
Thx for doing this beautiful artwork!

But can you make a more contrast yellow-orange folder buttons??. That is only a small design matter and not a bug.

I strongly suggest you to check the functionality of imagemagicks adaptive reize option in the included mogrify tool and the image2d library posted on google as imageresize.exe from hawkynt. Works well under wine too and schould be handable.
Or try to use the rotsprite algorithm.

Why? Blurry icons on smaller sizes and i doubt that any svg scaling or simplyfing will help here. You gain the best result when you do scale at 3x and then downsize with bilinar or an linear resizing filer. bicubic may be to blurry in this case.
That takes about 45 minutes for an folder if you do know how to do it, but it can remove the unwanted to strong blur effects well. A bit of antialising isn`t bad either.

Lot of words written here , but i hope i could help you a bit. Keep up your greet artwork do give you a positive rasting, cause it was already very much work to do it.
regards bluedxca93

- Oct 07 2014

GTK2 Themes by i860228 2 comments

Hi, please write what window manager you do use and what theme. Seeing the screenshot it could be metacity or pekwm. Also describe whats new in your theme. Its not a bad theme, but you need to write about some differences, etc.
And the theme looks so old. But thats wanted. - Sep 04 2014

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 5 comments

yeah he did write me some days ago that the theme is in debian repositories so i did now relase a litlle patch, however the file sizes are nearly the same. You won' t see any difference i bet
regards bluedxca93 - Sep 03 2014

GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs 6 comments

This clone looks better than its original.
And thats not so common. The gtk2 theme is really great. - Aug 29 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

a really nice big cursor theme. ! Love the colors and its design a lot.
regards bluedxca93

- Aug 29 2014

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Brahimsalem 1 comment

its a simple color based and really neutral wallpaper. i can`t understand why such simple, but also great artwork can be voted down, when it has only 50% positive rating.

Maybe you could try qbist plugin from gimp. It can produce nice wallpapers with only one click ( however only if the /dev/random produces good output).
regards bluedxca93 - Aug 26 2014

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 5 comments

yeah i did patch the theme for 14.04 . The original was not so easy to find on the net, and i did use this theme for a long time on another Desktop interface.

I did work 2-3 hours on patching the symlinks for 14.04 and newer linux version support. The main theme structure was still intact, but it hadn`t followed any of the few gnome3 changes,so i had patched it to support them.

I' ll look at it soon, perhaps i guess what the author meaned or iam able to find a solution, but i can`t promise. I`m not a icon theme designer, so i can`t invent new icons!!!

original license was gpl, so its for this theme too i guess. free for personal use at minimum.

regards bluedxca93 - Aug 25 2014

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 5 comments
thats my blog ! will update it soon
regards bluedxca93
The person who updated and posted this -n droplinenu verison - Aug 25 2014
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

simply link to here:
I`ll add links to prevous win7 projects like yours soon.
regards bluedxca93
- Aug 11 2014
Vertex - Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by horst3180 168 comments

did write à lot of times how to fix synaptic issue. perhaps theme author can fix it soon.

regards bluedxca93
- Jul 26 2014
0+deepblue for mint

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 2 comments

you are right ! the theme has this effect.
But it was done to prove how stupid it is to have dark themes. And the effect is wanted !!!

And i liked to experiment with dark blue colors . Please check my other themes. They are better for your eyes im sure.

This theme was an extreme experiment, but it`ll be sucessful in future you `ll see.

My next theme will be more interesting for you im sure. And please comment it when it is out. !!! Send you a message then and inform you here !

regards bluedxca93 - Jul 24 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

sound indicators do work now. Im sure.
Did my best to implement network icons hope it is enough. Battery icons as well.
The missing icons are indeed interesting. Do update them when status icons are done completly.
regards bluedxca93 - Jul 21 2014 .

Do name its content as header-bar.css and overwrite it.

I did exclude all header-bar definitions from standard css file. so you won't find any nautilus toll/headerbar classes there.
- Jul 19 2014
Im back !!
Did now reapply mbuntu-x inner skin and do now zukimac borders. Post patch here soon. 20th
but i need exact pixmaps. The inner code from mbuntu x was the same btw.

Gtk3.12 developpment is not so fast progressing. Will load gtk3..12 to my virtualbox 14.04 tomorrow.

So please be patient a litlle bit longer but not much. - Jul 19 2014
i use sometimes a old dos prog for writing some .txt . the font is scaled to wide screen by my monitor. is a font like that in your collection.would be great if thats the case.

bluedxca93 - Jul 18 2014

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 4 comments

this cinnamon theme is great. I used its source a time ago. Had another theme name. Thx for reuploading and modifing it.

Im also very unsure if gnomish grey matches your artwork well. Don't think it does so. But the author of this gtk theme makes other good themes btw. .

BTW: How can you quickly produce new color variants of some themes.?

regards bluedxca93 - Jul 18 2014
like kde 4. damn.
dont worry ill use first pngs and then svgs for the theme.

for 14.04 and below it was pngs.
on window blinds its .tga....

regards bluedxca93 - Jul 16 2014
and one screenshot of gtk3-widget-factory please. they need real png images in 14.10 wtf is that.

is my ylmfos -n theme working correct on your system(just for my information)?

can you test some variants i could send you soon ?? one schould work at least. don't wanna download 14.10 before its rc.

regards bluedxca93 - Jul 16 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

will be soon there. Please be a bit more patient. 20th of this month i suppose. Do you likt the theme ? Any m,ore missing icons? If no please vote up!!
regards bluedxca93 - Jul 16 2014
What Os are you using.??
Theme is for ubuntu or mint btw. Please Send me a screenshot in a pm on gnome-look. Please not as comment. As long as gtk3.12 is not more different from gtk3.10 than .wba or .msstyles there isn't a big problem .

Sry for the long awaited missing nautilus patch. Itll be released on 20th of this month this time for sure.

regards bluedxca93

- Jul 16 2014

Wallpapers Gnome by Ambiance-69 2 comments

wonderful theme preview, but where is the theme XD:
Or do i have to make my own ???.
What font did you use ??. I may implement a real theme in dos 7 setup style. With cinnamon support of course.

regards bluedxca93. - Jul 09 2014
do you have screenshots of the wanted end result?.

i did the porting of the other theme to 14.04 too and in this case i don't wanna simply copy code. do you know screenshots of finder or an window blinds theme that looks right?or an screenshot of original theme when nautilus is working.

that would help me more . normally its only. copy code to change look, but this time it isn't simple like that. - Jul 03 2014
there are still things to update.
but i'll add that in description too. murrine and pixbuf are so often needed by gtk that i forget to mention them sometimes in descriptions.

bluedxca93 - Jul 02 2014
now update done !

- Jul 01 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

now done. Do you mean somethingg like in my new profile image? - Jun 30 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

theme fixed now.At least i hope so. have now 12:27 expect upload at 20:00.

Thx for using my w8-n therme btw.
You did download it from noobslab right ??

regards bluedxca93
- Jun 30 2014
Ah you mean that bug . No Problem. A simple screen helps a lot sometimes XD.
It was an even bigger bug before caused by the way Ubuntu standard theme ambiance is written.

I fixed it and applied the fix of an darker theme. I`ll round and lighten the borders right tommorow no problem. Is there any other bug left?

regards bluedxca93 - Jun 29 2014
send me screenshot and i'll fix it. is the border color to dark ? or is it another thing.
breadcrumbs for nemo would be defined soon.

without screenshots and exact program versions i can't help you.

regards bluedxca93 - Jun 29 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

not today. it takes some time to search the icon.,# don't worry next update will come soon with bugfix for these 3 icons.
Can you check the cursor theme i made today ?. Think it matches well the theme colors.

regards bluedxca93 - Jun 29 2014
Zorindarkorb by Kunal

GTK3/4 Themes by pointguard17 7 comments

down link not working.
update it again.
- Jun 29 2014
Zorindarkorb by Kunal

GTK3/4 Themes by pointguard17 7 comments


Add nice screnshot! and write what os you are using. Use a nice wallpaper that matches well the theme and show us twf and gtk3-widget-factory running in this screenshot.

That does increase downloads a lot. 75 downloads in 3 days is not that bad for an theme without screenshot. Add screens and it`ll incrase a lot. you`ll see. If you don't find an solution for an bug you may ask me. Perhaps i can help.

regards bluedxca93
- Jun 28 2014
RaveH20-4-n Mint remake

Full Icon Themes by blue-dxca93 16 comments

version 1.0 is still far away. i'll make some updates soon.
at the moment im working on getting icons scaled to look good on 16 px using rescaling algorithms. next would be indicator -status icons.

of course you can download it using second method but i hope that everyone uses first.
it schould count links even if ad block is enabled. so please use first ( second only for fallback download mode( old browsers etc.))

bluedxca93 - Jun 28 2014
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Latest version of your pack here:
points to gdrive. works hope youll move it soon. btw my w7-n theme and ambiancew7 is the pack after win2-7 for gtk3 and such. Please write that in description. also point to nobslab theme sites Please !!!!

- Jun 25 2014

Wallpapers Mint by Brahimsalem 1 comment

nice wallpaper.
Why does preview look so blurry ?. The real wallpaper looks real nice . !Thanks!
May use it as an bg for an preview of a new theme.

regards bluedxca93 - Jun 24 2014
send you bugfix inside pm. do answer me via mesaage and not using comments.if bugfix is working as expected it will included in the long awaited theme update XD.! - Jun 22 2014
added two sizes ( one is 24p px).
regards bluedxca93 - Jun 20 2014
20 th of this month update will fix a lot of issues for mint and ubuntu. Also add cinnamon support. - Jun 18 2014
METROluxIItiles auto installer

GnoMenu Skins by COLOH 6 comments

for which gtk/gnome version is this applet/theme?.
im à bit confused by description.
regards bluedxca93 - Jun 17 2014
I can `t take one cause screenshot is not working for mint inside virtualbox. Always getting black screen. Perhaps someone could send me a screenshot likn and this problem would be fixed.
Don`t like to have an theme page like a spam content, but can't do anything now. - Jun 17 2014

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem 1 comment

can you fix red rectangle and white menu color?.And menu start button when preesed. Apart from this small problems theme is great thats why i voted it up. Perhaps youll fix the bug i saw perhaps not. Thats up to you. Keep up your great work.

regards bluedxca93 - Jun 17 2014
send me an example cursor set. one with sources would be great, but one without Will be fine too..Then i'll resize cursors.
May take à while. Btw thx very much for your positive comment

Regards bluedxca93 - Jun 14 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 7 comments

Thx for your comment. But
didn't understand your comment exactly. Does it work on your system.? I did understand yes , but since my english is very bad i better ask.

Btw. I'll add mint support soon and fix headerbar.for réal gnome3 apps.
Then you could use mint + quick tasklist addon + configurable menu.if you add icon theme( from noobslab updated by me) itll give à nearly 100% win feeling. Btw my ylmfos - n theme is an exact clone of xp ( better ). For slow pcs use gnome-flashback or something like that.

buedxca93 - Jun 14 2014
McSierra Compact

GTK3/4 Themes by vinceliuice 110 comments

on my 14.04 installation it runs well.

the black tab problem mentioned below in other commemy.can be fixed ( at least i think. so.) but this may slow down the theme speed a bit.( not more than ubuntus standard theme. don't worry). - Jun 07 2014