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Matthew Allingham
[cairo-dock] Oxygen Refit Black Theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino 8 comments

How do you add the separator so that it sits with the dock? I have added it but it's sitting at the same level as the icons. - Jul 24 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Rowan84 10 comments

Haha, you've "got" to be kidding right? - Dec 13 2007
SVG Folders Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by rowancompsciguy 6 comments

I know you're probably trying to avoid making your icon look like a Leopard icon on its side but the tab should be on the back of the folder... Looks great though! - Dec 13 2007

Wallpaper Other by Silence07 5 comments

This is a great wallpaper, only thing is it 's hard to focus, perhaps it could have a little less blur? - Oct 17 2007
OsX_MoD mod

Icon Sub-Sets by buu700 9 comments

Link's down, I would appreciate it if you could upload it again. Thanks;) - Jul 12 2007