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Bobby Phoenix
Windows 8 GTK

GTK3/4 Themes by sinner59 34 comments

Even with the index file added I can't get it to show in Unity Tweak Tool. Is there some special way to install it? I just copied it to my .theme folder like all my other themes. - Feb 14 2014
Minty-Blue Pack (Cinnamon+GTK2/3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Brahimsalem 4 comments

One of my favorites. Thank you. - Dec 31 2013
It must have been something I was doing, or you changed it, but now it works great. All blue!! - Dec 31 2013
When I use this the title bar and borders are green, and the rest is blue like in your screenshot. Is it suppose to be like that? If so can you make an all blue one? - Dec 30 2013
9   Dec 31 2013
9   Dec 31 2013