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albert dupont
Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

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Sep 25 2015
thanks for quick reply

It's exactly the way I use your extension.
I'd like something more ... automatic ;)
Anyway I understand you.
thank you - Jul 21 2014
hello pnon10s

great extension work fine.

could you take a look a few requests please?
for series tv show:
1 scan folder series
2 add new episode to table
3 button to add table to playlist but without items "finished"
Maybe it's impossible, I'm a simple user. It's a simple suggestion.
Thank you for spend your time for simple user like me.
(bad english sorry) - Jul 21 2014

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Sep 05 2017
Hello exebetche
It's work like a charme. Thanks for your work and your reactivity.
Exactly what I'm looking for.
ps: Mon anglais est pas si pourri que ├ža puisque tu as saisi le sens de ma demande. ;) - May 02 2013
your plugin is awesome!!
If I can ask you a feature,would be add a default subtitle option and the subtitle downloaded without extension language.
ex: "" and not "".
sorry for my bad english.
thanks - Apr 29 2013
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Jul 21 2014

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by exebetche

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Apr 30 2013
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9   Jul 21 2014

VLC Extensions
by exebetche

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