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bopeye sailorman
Cork Will Be Free

KDE Plasma Screenshots by bopeye 2 comments

that bar is gkrellm. if you are on mandrake, you should be able to install it by typing (in the Konsole):
urpmi gkrellm

or on debian (or its derivatives)
apt-get install gkrellm

failing that, just grab it from the gkrellm website: - Feb 11 2004
Kde3.2 is amazing

KDE Plasma Screenshots by PovMan 8 comments

"because these KDE apps are based on the QT framework, I know that they will load faster than their GTK equivalents"
i'm not 100 per cent correct there - i should have said

"I know they will load faster than their GTK equivalents, if I am in KDE"

Of course, in Gnome, it's vice versa - gtk stuff loads faster (as the GTK stuff is loaded when Gnome starts up)

(and yeah - KDE 3.2 looks amazing - still trying to figure out how to get it installed on my Mandrake 9.1 system) - Feb 10 2004
Kde3.2 is amazing

KDE Plasma Screenshots by PovMan 8 comments

there's a very good reason for it - it allows me to distinguish KDE developed apps from others - and because these KDE apps are based on the QT framework, I know that they will load faster than their GTK equivalents.

I actually like the "k" thing , as it marks out the KDE apps quite clearly. It's a branding so to speak. - Feb 10 2004
kde 3.1 - mandrake 9.2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by extensive 2 comments

that's one seriously cool wallpaper! Do you have a URL for it? - Feb 10 2004
Gnome Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by matteckmann84 3 comments

very boring desktop - and it isn't even KDE. heck, if you're going to post a non-kde screenshot you should put a heck of a lot more effort into it - we KDE users like our kde thanks very much. - Nov 14 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots by luro95 2 comments

nice desktop font - anyone know what it is and if there's a URL to it?? - Nov 07 2003
Orange Luv

KDE Plasma Screenshots by LikwuidIce 3 comments

this is one hell of a desktop - great use of color, nothing clashes. and the use of orange makes a change to usual whites , blues and blacks that one usually sees.

excellent work and thanks for pointing out the components you used in building your desktop. - Nov 07 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by sanctacaris 2 comments

UURRGH - horrible. it gives me the shivers just looking at it.... - Nov 06 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by somekool 22 comments

uurgh.... horrible and a turn off. - Nov 06 2003
QuanX Brushed

Ice-WM Themes by ThEOnE 6 comments

wow! Awesome! After seeing that , if anyone says that linux "isnt ready for the desktop", i swear I'll force-feed them this desktop.

And what's that icon set on the desktop?? - Nov 06 2003
jaguar+panther splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by lick 14 comments

it doesn't suck. Remember that there's a YellowDog distro specifically designed for the Mac. This splash would look great on a Mac running Linux. Great work guys! - Nov 06 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by timbrown527 18 comments

without religion, humanity would be a heck of a lot more united.

i certainly dont want this splash screen, and it contributes absolutely nothing to the KDE experience. - Nov 06 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ceebx 100 comments

this has to be the best thing since Thin Keramik. I love it. Excellent work! - Nov 06 2003
Blue Milk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ThEOnE 4 comments

whats with the VERY BIG icons? seems they are too big to be very practical. - Nov 06 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Starman71 5 comments

wow! Excellent desktop. I love the EXTREMELY BIG desktop icons idea. Nice wallpaper too - if anyone can drop a URL to the wallpaper, it would be appreciated. - Nov 06 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by XTD 23 comments

i agree - whats the point of making your linux box look like crappy XP anyway? From some of the better screenshots I've seen, KDE can look a hundred times better than XP. Stop this XP cloning nonsense. - Mar 02 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by rhorn 8 comments

i hate to have to say this , but this sucks. it looks drab, boring, grey and almost like a throwback to OS/2 and Windows 3.1

Sorry, maybe its just my taste , but i dont like it. - Mar 02 2003
Nice Shot by chardy

KDE Plasma Screenshots by chardy 2 comments

Yowzah yowzah yowzah!

excellent desktop design - and nice wallpaper too.. ahem. - Mar 02 2003
KDE 3.0 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by bludy 5 comments

VERY nice konsole - fits in well with the background.

Have you any details on how you managed to get rid of the borders and make it transparent? - Mar 02 2003
KDE 3.1:Geramik,Liquid % Crystal

KDE Plasma Screenshots by flowil_double 3 comments

i love the wallpaper - and the mp3 (is it noatun?) player theme. Everything just fits together color wise. Good effort.

Any idea where the theme for the mp3 player is from? - Mar 01 2003
anyone know what the link or name of the wallpaper on the first image is?

my favourite screenshot was the first one - XINE looks so totally analog! - Mar 01 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots by MultiMan 2 comments

COOL! Nice to see KDE in Cyrllic!

What's the pop up on the image - is that a KDE 3.1 feature?

(i'm on KDE 3.0 still) - Mar 01 2003
Noia Warm 0.95

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 61 comments

this has gone on my desktop tonight and it looks great. my congrajulations to the author - an astonishing piece of work.
- Feb 21 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

awesome - my macintosh OS-X friends will be astonished when i show them this. - Feb 21 2003

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Ypsilon 11 comments

there is a panel png file in the download. you can customise the panel and select the background image - use the png file supplied with this color scheme. - Feb 21 2003