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Boris Hollas

GTK3 Themes 32 comments

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Aug 02 2017
Great theme, please update for Gnome 3.22! - Oct 18 2016
Great theme! But Eclipse Mars doesn't look right with the default theme.
The GTK theme doesn't look better either. - Dec 03 2015
gnome-cupertino -n (now stable version)

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Jul 01 2014
I'd have to create a mock up for that. What I mean is this inner look of Nautilus and Tweak-Tool (that's Mbuntu-X)

combined with these rounded and shaded borders (that's Mbuntu-Zukimac) - Jul 03 2014
I've seen that you've packed a shell theme with it. Zukitwo Cupertino is a shell theme that looks even better with gnome-cupertino. - Jul 02 2014
Nautilus looks better now. But it looks even better with Mbuntu-X, available from Mbuntu

Both gnome-cupertino and MBuntu-X don't get the borders right for Nautilus and Tweak-Tool. Mbuntu-Zukimac does get them right, but this theme doesn't really look like a Mac. Maybe you can use the border code from Mbuntu-Zukimac.
- Jul 02 2014
Yes, you are right, now it works. You should mention the dependence on murrine. - Jul 02 2014
The sidebar in Nemo should have the same color as in Finder
or be white, as the other file dialogs. - Jun 06 2014
I've noticed two differences to Gnome-Cupertino (the one for Gnome 3.6):
1. Firefox and its dialogs (eg preferences) and the scrollbar look like Windows 2000.

2. The tab bar in Terminal and Gedit look different.

3. Nautilus icons and breadcrumb have different color and shape. Also, something is wrong with the breadcrumb: Open a directory and move the mouse to the breadcrumb. It changes its shape to round, but the border remains cornered. - Jun 06 2014
What is your gmail address?

Screenshot here

I use Gnome Shell, not Unity. - May 31 2014
After unpacking the theme to ~/.themes, logging out & logging in, I can select Gnome-Cupertino as Gtk+-Theme in Tweak Tool, but not as window theme. Therefore, the window title bars and buttons remain unchanged.

The windows of nautilus and tweak-tool have no shadows. There's another OS-X theme for 14.04, Mbuntu, which has the same problem.

The scrollbars and the header bars of firefox look wrong.

The instructions in readme.txt don't apply any longer.

Use Ubuntu-Gnome live on USB to verify.
- May 31 2014
McSierra Compact

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May 05 2019
I've extracted the theme to ~/.themes with the right permissions. - May 31 2014
It doesn't work on Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04. Verify with Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04 live on USB. - May 31 2014
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes 589 comments

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Apr 14 2013
Some weeks are over, theme is still not updated. - May 30 2014
The licence is GPL v3. Since the author hasn't worked on this theme for over a year and doesn't use Gnome anymore, I don't expect he's gonna update this. I'd appreciate if you update this theme for Ubuntu 14.04. - May 03 2014
Please upgrade to 3.8 & 3.10! If you don't work on this any more, is there an alternative? - Mar 23 2014
Is there a matching Gnome-3.6-shell-theme? - May 22 2013
Some gtk2 applications show the following error message:

WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
/usr/share/themes/Adwaita Cupertino SL/gtk-2.0/assets/null.png,
borders don't fit within the image - Oct 09 2012
Thanks, I read the readme but forgot about synaptic.

I don't notice any difference in the appearance of gtk2 radio buttons though. - Sep 13 2012
Thanks for your quick response! The error messages from Emacs and gimp have disappeared.

I also noted that the buttons in Synaptic don't look right.

- Sep 13 2012
~$ emacs
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkRange::trough-side-details' of type `gboolean' from rc file value "((GString*) 0x1bac900)" of type `GString'
~$ nautilus
(nautilus:24002): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:211:33: Failed to import: Error opening file: No such file or directory
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkRange::trough-side-details' of type `gboolean' from rc file value "((GString*) 0x1990900)" of type `GString'

Doesn't happen with other themes. - Sep 13 2012
Great theme, however I have two issues with Adwaita Cupertino SL and GTK 2 applications:

- The scrollbars don't look right. The background is white without any gradient, so GTK 3 apps look different from GTK 2 apps.

- I get Gtk error messages if I open gnome-terminal and start Emacs or Gimp.

- There are no xpm files for xfwm4. I created these by adapting them from another theme and changed color accordingly. - Sep 13 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 74.6%
9   Mar 23 2014