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Sep 21 2005
They are... But they do reflect the current (1.4.2) release. When we get a new release, I'll update them, otherwise I can go on updating them every day. We're talking lightning fast progress here :-). - Sep 21 2005
That's probably because you're using a distribution that doesn't compile tablet support into Qt. It's not the default option, and notably Debian doesn't enable it. Kubuntu does, nowadays, and SuSE always did.

If your Qt has tablet support, and you still get no pressure sensitivity, it may be your X11 configuration. - Sep 21 2005
Please, people, if you have success running this package, and if nothing works for you, mail me -- I'm trying to figure out for which distributions this way of packaging stuff works, and for which distributions it doesn't.

Interesting information for me is;

gcc version
kde version
qt version
location of kde

and... whether you have followed the instructions at

I also guess, but I'm not sure, that you need to restart KDE or run kbuildsycoca; it may depend a bit whether just running kbuildsycoca works, or not.

Boudewijn Rempt - Mar 21 2005
You should probably deinstall KOffice -- I don't the experimental snapshots would work very well with an existing KOffice. - Jan 09 2005
Ah, no, I'm not from Sweden, and in any case, the name Krita was chosen before I came on board. In his own inimitable way, the German lawyer von Gravenreuth is responsible for the name Krita. Krita used to be called KImageshop, but the developers thought better of it. Then they named it Krayon. Now it happens that there's a company in Germany with that name, although in a rather unrelated business, so von Gravenreuth, who's as bad an egg as I've ever seen before, tried to slap a suit on the developers (or distributors). So then the name was changed to Krita...

Apparently, the people who did that were aware that it was Swedish for pencil.

It's also a word in Sanskrit, where it means "the first of four Hindu periods contained in the great Yuga, when the genius of Truth and Right, in the form of bull, stood firm on his four feet, and man gained nothing by iniquity." And in the Mahabharata, the word means 'perfect'. It's also a girl's name in some languages.

One problem we may encounter in the future is a tussle with the proprietors of, who are apparently devoted to graffite. If that happens, we'll find a new name... ASdasjkdahsdkjasasdasjdkhaewriofusdafj, I think would be a good candidate. - Jan 06 2005