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Time v3.2

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Sep 01 2018
Hi, I have done something wrong :( . I don't get the "View > Time v3.2 (intf)" option. At the beginning again...

Yes I use the record button like you describe and I want to record a file. I went to see Lua version and strangely I have two: liblua5_1-5 and liblua5_3-5. Can this generate conflict?. I'm lost..., not to much experience...

I went to see marquee and as far as I understand, it display time but after recording when I play the video time is not there and I need it.

I will try again for a few day before I give up. Then I must find an easier solution to record video and real time and playback a video with time like in debut (only for windows).

thanks for your help :)
- Sep 18 2019
ok, _ext isn't activating _intf as far as I understand, because with/without changing the _intf the result is the same..., it's something between the two... - Sep 16 2019
I also changed the time_intf.lua and still doesn't work. The debug also doesn't help me on this one for now. Well I want to record a video and the that the real time of the recording be on the video when I play it again later on. That's what I call real time recording :) . I'm looking software to do it on linux. Any ideas are welcome.
- Sep 16 2019
at line 258. I changed from "loadstring" to "load" at the Get_config function of the time_ext.lua. - Sep 16 2019
thank you for the verbosity information. It was useful to correct the problem :). It was in a "globalstring" on Get_config (). Now I'm on the next stage: I don't see any clock when I record a video :). I need to see real time showing in my recorded videos, so I will keep trying. - Sep 16 2019
I'm using Opensuse 15.1 leaf and I followed the instructions. This is what I have:
linux-tboz:/usr/lib64/vlc/lua/intf # ls
cli.luac dumpmeta.luac luac.luac telnet.luac
dummy.luac http.luac modules time_intf.lua
linux-tboz:/usr/lib64/vlc/lua/extensions # ls
time_ext.lua VLSub.luac

but when I select the "View > Time v3.2 (intf)" option she doesn't became "blue" and the "Time v3.2 Control panel" doesn't pop up...
What did I miss? - Sep 13 2019