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just change the number of columns and rows in the screenlets settings however you like...
if the peaks don't go up very much, consider using my version with the "amplifier" - Jul 03 2012
thx, too!
and sorry @all for not being very active here...
but it seems I'm more active than the original uploader :D - Sep 07 2011
Open the properties of the screenlet, go to Options->Impulse and change the colors... (Bar color, Peak color, Background color) - Mar 11 2011
Open a terminal and cd to the directory where your is located... type there: "./" and then there you may see, why it won't start... - Feb 12 2011
Oops, wrong link... this one works: - Feb 11 2011
first: great screenlet, it's awesome :D

but I had a problem: my audio source is too silent, so the bars were hardly moving...
I solved this problem by adding an amplifier to it, which amplifies the bars.

I want to share my solution, if someone out there has the same problem :D

P.S.: @ianimal: If you want to add it to your screenlet, feel free to do so :D - Feb 11 2011

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 74 comments

that's simple:
copy the folder which contains the file "index.theme" in the ".themes"-folder in your folder

copy it into "/usr/share/themes" to make it avaiable for all users - Feb 09 2010

GTK3 Themes
by nale12

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Apr 18 2012
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Feb 11 2011
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