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David Johnson Mountain View, United States of America
Oxygen Ionized (Oxygen green)

Full Icon Themes by D-E 8 comments

Content does not exist - May 02 2012

Wallpaper Other by KTATTOO 12 comments

The problem with "racy" photos like this, is that they are so unrealistic. You can't claim that the nudity is natural, because the women depicted are not natural. - Apr 06 2009
Iluvatar wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by Cfuzz 2 comments

Quenya is a language not a script. The name of the script is Tengwar, and you have written it in the Tehta, not Quenya, mode of Tengwar. - Aug 31 2008
chicken 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other by juergen79 1 comment

That has got to be the ugliest chicken I have ever seen! I think her mom must have been a turkey and her dad a vulture. - Jun 11 2008
Praying Mantis

Wallpaper Other by Jake7401 2 comments

The link says "Fedora download". I guess that means the rest of us aren't welcome? - May 29 2008

QtCurve by Brandybuck 34 comments

Phase is being maintained in the KDE repository (in kdeartwork). The crash mentioned above have been fixed. I'll try spin off a new kde-look release soon. - May 15 2008
GraphicsViewEdit Layer

Qt Widgets by patrik08 7 comments

I found it. It is a private class internal to Qt, which no one should be using anyway. - May 05 2008
GraphicsViewEdit Layer

Qt Widgets by patrik08 7 comments

What is QTextControl? Did you mean something else? - May 04 2008
tux logo proposal

Cliparts by strunzel 7 comments

Linux does not have a logo. Tux is a mascot, not a logo. - Mar 24 2008

Wallpaper Other by towpawel 11 comments

Under capitalism, man exploits man. But under communism it is the other way around! - Feb 24 2008
KDE 4 spotlight

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by thebadapples 7 comments

Stick "Unix" in there as well, because KDE4 runs on more than just Linux, Mac and Windows! Half a dozen BSD systems, plus OpenSolaris, that I know of. - Feb 03 2008
Denver International

Wallpaper Other by pawpaw67 2 comments

Stapleton airport is closed. That is Denver International Airport, fifteen miles away. - Sep 30 2007
ak74 - Air Soft Gun

Wallpaper Other by johnyts 5 comments

Guns are for hunting. Guns are for defense. Guns are because we are not serfs. - Jun 09 2007

Qt Tools by rexi 2 comments

I can't build this with cmake. I get linking errors related to pthreads. But it builds fine using qmake. This is under FreeBSD 6.2. It looks like no attempt is being made to link to the pthreads library. I edited the generated makefile by hand, and it worked. Example error:

/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.3/lib/ undefined reference to `pthread_cond_timedwait' - May 13 2007

QtCurve by Brandybuck 34 comments

I can't reproduce this on Qt 4.2.3. If you have more than one Qt installed, make sure you're using the right qtconfig. Otherwise, I have no idea. Sorry. - May 04 2007

Wallpaper Other by lopieniczanin 4 comments

That is not smoke, it is steam and condensation. - Apr 20 2007

Wallpaper Other by xactive 3 comments

Can you fix up the bad editing? It mars an otherwise excellent wallpaper. Or maybe provide the unedited version with the original sky? - Apr 09 2007
'CylonMinimal' Window Decoration for KDE

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by industrie13 27 comments

Doesn't build for me either. Same errors as everyone else. Something in your build system is screwed up. - Jan 22 2007

Wallpaper Other by studioz 2 comments

It's not a cricket, it's a juvenile grasshopper. - Jan 15 2007

Wallpaper Other by niki 4 comments

Nice picture, but...

It's not a grasshopper, it's a katydid. - Dec 02 2006

Various KDE Stuff by Brandybuck 6 comments

Someone did a review of QBrew over at Newsforge. - Nov 15 2006
Chopwell Woods Oak with Acorn

Wallpaper Other by munkiepoo 3 comments

You called it a wildflower, but it's an acorn. - Oct 24 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by xivona 12 comments

I always considered her diagnosis to be "exhibitionism".

Of course, that's if she's the one posting these. I suspect her boyfriend is doing the posting and not telling her. - Oct 03 2006
The way people are protesting how horrible the US is, you would think they would be crossing the border in the other direction! - Oct 02 2006
New KDE Mascot revisited

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by DocTomoe 17 comments

The difference between one tribe and another: one tribe will complain about seeing female nudity, but the other will kill you for it. I greatly prefer the world of the former, where people have the freedom to express their opinions.

The tribes in Western Civilization have learned to live together despite our disagreements. The burka does not come from this culture. - Sep 29 2006
Christian Anatomy

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by KingoftheIrishSea 21 comments

I see nature scenery on this site. Old buildings in Europe on this site. Butterflies and frogs on this site. I see naked women, abstract art, and kittens. None of these are KDE related either. So why are Christian wallpapers singled out for exclusion?

Whenever someone gets offended at erotic wallpaper, you people say "just don't look at it". The same applies here. If you're offended Christian wallpaper, don't look at it! - Sep 27 2006
Ubuntu Baby

Wallpapers Ubuntu by clint9090 2 comments

Cool, an Acuson Sequoia. I worked on that system. - Sep 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by rawhide 2 comments

Are you sure that's not UCSB instead? - Sep 16 2006
free world

Wallpaper Other by podroznik148 3 comments

No one is killing anyone over wallpapers of naked women. No one is being a nazi. Stop being offended by opinions other than your own. - Sep 07 2006

Developers Apps by krawek 4 comments

Not every application is a KDE application. Not even on kde-apps! While KDE may have an IDEAL framework, Qt itself does not. Thus this library would be useful for Qt developers looking for an IDEAL framework. - Aug 10 2006
Konqueror Backgrounds

Various Stuff by DonBilbo88 4 comments

As the author has given you implicit permission to download them by giving them a download link, it is indeed legal to download them. The lack of license only means you can't redistribute them. - Aug 06 2006
Curious Turkey

Wallpaper Other by j3josh6 2 comments

That's not a turkey! - Jul 02 2006

Wallpaper Other by biffta 11 comments

And the Linux community wonders why it has such a bad reputation. Sigh. - May 15 2006
Old tree

Nature by sebwouaib 3 comments

Why not? - May 01 2006
Timeline Distros Linux

Cliparts by alexdark 46 comments

RMS didn't start demanding it be called "GNU/Linux" until; 1996, but your chart is calling it that in 1991. Huh? - Apr 27 2006
Copy to Pendrive

Dolphin Service Menus by rdglinux 5 comments

This works for Linux only. Drive names under BSD, Solaris, etc., will be different. - Apr 04 2006

Graphic Apps by irbis 34 comments

An unfortunate fact is that the GNU autoconf/automake tools are neither backward or forward compatible. Compatibility is something GNU simply is not interested in. It is one (of many) reasons why KDE4 is moving away from autoconf. - Mar 30 2006

Graphic Apps by irbis 34 comments

If possible, I think a Qt only version of this tool would be great. Otherwise it is tied to a specific desktop. A Qt only version could be used by anyone on any platform or desktop. Most people who need to use DICOM images at work do not have the option of running the KDE desktop.

Of course, a kpart wrapper, kioslave functionality, etc., are more than acceptable. But I think the core application itself should be portable.

IMHO. - Mar 20 2006
Beauty of Darkness

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by roger-z 36 comments

The changelog doesn't say anything has changed in a couple of months, so why do I keep seeing this announced on the front page as an update?

If there is no update, don't update it! - Mar 14 2006
CDE theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by arenyart 9 comments

Wouldn't it make more sense to use the builtin CDE style instead of the Motif style? - Mar 07 2006
Pony in a Bottle?

Wallpaper Other by kristinstickle 8 comments

You whine for years until your dad finally breaks down and buys you a pony... and then you go put it in a bottle! - Mar 03 2006

Wallpaper Other by murxl 4 comments

But it's not a beetle (coleoptera), it's a bug (hemiptera). - Feb 26 2006

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by toki 8 comments

I disagree. Wallpapers with distro logos will not be as useful for those who use different systems or distros. Logos are cool, and I don't want to discourage them. Which is why I would rather encourage the logo-less versions as well. Which this wallpaper does. Thanks! - Feb 24 2006
KDE 3D Style

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by strims 4 comments

People keep saying this, but it is a myth. As a license, the GPL is only binding upon the licensee (the user). The licensor (author) is not obligated by it. Furthermore, there is considerable dispute as to whether an image needs "source code", as images are in themselves an easily easily modifiable format.

p.s. Of course, this disagreement is yet another reason why the GPL should only be used for software, as it was designed. - Jan 31 2006
No dependency hell 1

Wallpaper Other by blurymind 11 comments

I've been wondering how Vector Linux does away with dependencies. The only thing I could figure is that everything was statically compiled. So I went to the Vector Linux page to find out.

Surprise! Vector Linux has dependencies just like every other distro! They even have a forum page on how to handle dependencies ( GNOME won't work without the GTK package and KDE won't work without the Qt package. The dependency hell is still there, but since it's a lean distro to start wtih, the hell isn't quite so bad as your typical bloated distro. But there are STILL dependencies.

You are making claims that cannot be substantiated. - Jan 29 2006
Snow Tribble

Wallpaper Other by wassidassi 3 comments

Did you mean "Tribble" instead? As in the small furry animal from Star Trek? - Jan 03 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 18 comments

Actually, it is nudity for the sake of titillation. As such it is not porn, but it is still erotica, and still somewhat prurient. And you can still get fired from from many companies for viewing this.

I've got no problem with wallpapers like this on kde-look, but there really needs to be an "adult" filter to list it, as there was with the old This doesn't block access, but keeps it from showing up while casually browsing. - Jan 02 2006

Various Games by Brandybuck 4 comments

Unfortunately, I missed the circumflex in the title. Fixed now. This is also one of the oldest jokes in the Hârn community. A different version of the rules is the "Gold" edition. A German user mentioned that his grandmother gave him a strange look when she saw his "HârnMaster Gold" binder. :-)

p.s. Of course, no one laughs at the name "Lieutenant Skat", which I find hilarious. - Jan 02 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 18 comments

Technically, it's the display of nudity for the purpose of titillation. It's the titillation aspect that people are concerned with. - Jan 02 2006
Removed background!

Various Stuff by Goduser 13 comments

Someone needs to get a few grams of tolerance into their system! We can have wallpapers of winter scenery, bikini clad women, Karl Marx, and penguins, but we can't have one with the Star of David?

If you don't like it, don't download it! - Dec 23 2005