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Frank Bright Savannah, United States of America
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Wallpapers Ubuntu
Linux 5

Wallpaper Other by Brightbelt 2 comments

Thank you for the positive feedback. It's much appreciated.....
Frank - Dec 04 2011
Ubuntu Wall

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Brightbelt 2 comments

Thanks trm96! - Dec 03 2011

Wallpapers Ubuntu by aktarus 3 comments

Nice Work! - Jan 17 2009
Ubuntu - Brass

Wallpapers Ubuntu by rubasu 9 comments

Awesome. Great work !! I also commend you you for asking for clarity if someone votes 'bad'. It does no good unless we know why.

Beautiful work. Do you mind sharing what program(s) you used? - Dec 11 2008
Little Girl Blue

Wallpaper Other by Brightbelt 2 comments

In case there's any confusion, the preview is a thumbnail - you will actually download the 1680 resolution. - Sep 01 2008
Ubuntusun ( brightly )

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Chatboy77 2 comments

Your setting sun idea is a perfect compliment to the Ubuntu Logo. I've been trying to think of something like this myself but you got it just right. Good work! - Aug 15 2008
The Tao of Linux 2

Wallpaper Other by Brightbelt 2 comments

My apologies for the confusion. It is wallpaper and I have changed its category. - Aug 02 2008
Planet Gimp

Wallpaper Other by Brightbelt 5 comments

Many Thanks Sakasa for your comment. And especially for mentioning the golf course wallpaper.

I always thought the golf course was a pretty unique piece - it hasn't gotten the attention and numbers in downloads, but what the hey.

I hope to make a golf course scene in a more sunny, daytime scene at some point before too long.

Again, Many Thanks. - Aug 02 2008

Usplash Themes by carlosmolines 3 comments

Thank you for a very pleasant booting experience to replace the default orange boot. I try to be open-minded about what 'Ubuntu' means and the philosophy behind it all.

But I can't accept shag-carpet-orange for my desktop, I'm sorry! Maybe growing up in the 70's really turned me off to the orange that way.

Again, Many Thanks for a great usplash. I have saved copies of this so that I have it forever. - Jul 30 2008
Planet Gimp

Wallpaper Other by Brightbelt 5 comments

Thanks for the feedback. I strongly suspected that the Gimp element influenced some folks' ratings here.

Btw, when I use it, I use Photoshop 4 Mac. People tend to forget that it's not just a windows program. Of course, I suspect a few folks here may have issues with Adobe, for whatever reasons.

For doing space scenes, I discovered that Gimp has a real thorough sphere-creation interface that really helps for creating planets etc.

- Jul 30 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 3 comments

Very cool and original. - Jul 26 2008
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sunsparc 96 comments

I'm having the same install problem. - Jul 21 2008

Wallpaper Other by zeQuark 2 comments

Fantastic. - Jul 17 2008
Ubuntu colors mix

Wallpapers Ubuntu by dom1n1k 1 comment

This is very nice. Good Work! - May 25 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cafeinoz 5 comments

Not to argue about the virtues of Linux, (I think we all agree on that,just by being here) but it does seem that Vista graphics are fairly innovative and new, at least for Microsoft.
Many would contend that there is something unique and fresh about Vista graphics, otherwise, why would so many people be downloading them and wanting a Vista Look? - May 25 2008
Ubuntu Feel

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Brightbelt 2 comments

You're quite welcome. It's wonderful to get good feedback !! Frank - May 22 2008
Ubuntu Abstract

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Brightbelt 2 comments

Thanks, I do mention in the description that I made this a laptop resolution version. And it is also 96 dpi and not 72.

But in case it works better, I've made a 1280 x 1024 version. I'll upload it shortly and name it Ubuntu Abstract 2. - May 20 2008
Think Linux

Wallpaper Other by glYph 6 comments

I've fooled around with this graphic for fun and also because I've desired a different color in the background, something lighter than charcoal/black etc.

I'd love to share it, but I'm concerned about licensing issues. I see a GPL here.

Does that give me permission to modify it and share it as modified?

Many Thanks, Frank B.
- May 18 2008
Think Linux

Wallpaper Other by AgenT0r 6 comments

Is there any chance for this in a higher resolution? Say, 1920 x 1200?

Great Wallpaper - the 'Linux' Apple lines up with the black apple on my 24"iMac just perfectly. Perfectly ironic. - May 11 2008
Light Sans Windows

Wallpapers Windows by Brightbelt 1 comment

Just a thought: I've found that it can be very effective to flip this vertically and/or horizontally, depending upon how you'd like the 'light' positioned on your desktop. - Mar 28 2008
Ubuntu Flair1

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Brightbelt 2 comments

Many Thanks for your comments. (You're my first compliment!)

Unfortunately, I may have lost the original, so I can't take the Logo out, but I think I can resize it.

So look for it in the new resolution.

Thanks. - Sep 16 2007
Win Vista

Wallpaper Other by krishnanblr 1 comment

Very Elegant. Good work! - Jun 14 2007