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chris brown Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts 42 comments

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Apr 25 2009
This script is for the Amarok 1.4.x series. For Amarok 2 use this one: - Nov 20 2009
I've never heard of this problem before. Please download the file again as it may be corrupt. - Nov 17 2009
Hi, The script is not designed to be run by the user but rather run by Amarok directly and can be installed as follows:

1) Download the file (do not extract it).
2) Open Amarok
3) Click on "Tools" then "Script Manager" from Amarok's menu bar.
4) Click "Install Script" and locate the file you downloaded.
5) Select the script from the list and select "run"
The script should then automatically be started each time Amarok is opened.

Hope that helps you out, Cheers :) - Oct 10 2009
Sorry for not keeping up to date with the comments here... as for Amarok 2 support I don't think it it's going to happen anytime soon - not from me anyway.

The scripting interface has changed completely and scripts are now required to be written in javascript so it would mean starting over a fresh in a language I've never used before.

Currently I don't even have Amarok 2 installed and my time is limited however I will try and investigate this sometime soon.


Chris - Mar 05 2009
Sorry about that. Someone has kindly pointed out to me that this error occurs on systems with a non english locale due to some errors in my code. this was an oversight on my part and should now be fixed in v0.3 Thanks go to Jean-Luc Coulon for his fix. - Jul 17 2007
I can see your point however I do feel that since the Amarok developers are unwilling/unable to fix this issue until Amarok 2 is rolled out with dbus support an alternative should be provided for Gnome users.
Why post it here? Simply because it gives the script the widest possible exposure to all Amarok users that MAY require it. The first place I searched for a fix was the script manager and had there been one there it would have saved me much time spent digging around. Surly you can sympathise with the Gnome users? If there was a viable alternative I would have taken it.
I'm sorry to have angered anyone and don't mean to insult the KDE crowd. I have total respect for you guys. - Jun 29 2007
It needs to be posted here to be available for download from the Amarok script manager. Gnome users enjoy Amarok too. - Jun 23 2007
Gnome Multimedia Keys 2

Amarok 2.x Scripts 14 comments

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Apr 25 2009
Ye, I guess I should have called it something completely different ;) No worries, glad it works now. - May 06 2009
Oh by the way, I presume you mean my Gnome media keys script for Amarok 1.4 not this one for Amarok 2...? The Amarok 2 script doesnt use DCOP. - May 06 2009
Sounds like the DCOP server isn't running or isn't properly configured for some reason.

I would try the solutions listed here:

Namely: see if dcopserver is running (ps axfo pid,ppid,user,cmd=|grep dcop)

If not remove stale files like these:


Restart your Xwindows session and possibly run kdeinit to restart your kde session.

See the link for more details. - May 06 2009
NotifyAmarok (Gnome)

Amarok 2.x Scripts 39 comments

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Jun 03 2009 does the trick.

Works a treat now, really polished :) - May 02 2009
yes your right about notify-send - i just tried it from the command line and it will only show one message at a time so not sure how you can solve that one. nevermind ;) - Apr 26 2009
Couple of suggestions:
1) When pressing stop or exiting amarok the current song is displayed first before the stop message. I think as it triggers both Amarok.Engine.trackChanged and Amarok.Engine.trackFinished?

2) When rapidly skipping two or three tracks the notifications come sequentially which leads to rather a long delay. Is it possible to not wait for one notification to disappear before submitting the next so they just stack up on screen?

But anyway, minor niggles :p - Apr 25 2009
Does exactly what it says on the tin without any fuss. Really helps integration with the Gnome desktop :) - Apr 25 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts 274 comments

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Oct 20 2007
Sorry i didn't mean to sound like i was complaining it was merely intended as a suggestion. I appreciate the amount of work you have put into this and the difficulty of tracking down such subtle bugs. I will send you a copy of my debug log when i next notice this occurring. - Jan 07 2008
Would it be possible to make 0.9.3 available in addition to this beta release as I preferred it?
In this new beta the volume changes seem nowhere near as smooth as 0.8/9. The volume slider often increases to maximum gain before reducing down to the desired value giving sometimes large volume spikes when changing tracks. It never used to do this. I also notice strange behaviour when pausing the music as the volume seems to adjust when playback is resumed and not always to the same level as before.
In my opinion beta releases should be made available separately on kde-apps with the stable releases available concurrently. Is the stable code available anywhere else?
Thanks. - Jan 05 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 51 comments

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Jan 18 2008
script is working well! i notice you are only parsing for 3 sites. it would be great to extend this for better coverage of more obscure lyrics. - Dec 08 2007
NotifyAmarok (Gnome)

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by meerkat

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May 02 2009