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Bryan Mohr Flint, United States of America

System Software by mkoller 105 comments

I can't figure out where to ask for help so I'm doing it here. I've been using KBackup pretty religiously to make sure I don't lose anything in case something were to happen. Well, something did happen, an install went bad, destroyed a bunch of stuff and I had to reinstall Kubuntu 12.04 from scratch. No problem, I have my backups. Well, how do you restore from the .tar file? If I do tar -xf backup.tar, it produces a ton of .bz2 files. How do I either extract all of those bz2 files or, even better, extract from the tar and unzip the bz2 files at the same time? I still don't have my desktop back to how I like it or any of my personal data. Why isn't there a "kRestore" application? Or just an option to "Restore" from within kBackup? That would make life soooo much easier! And judging from the number of people I've seen ask this, it's desperately needed! - Jun 13 2012