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June Hee Lee Seoul, South Korea
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DDakji(Sticker) Icon Theme

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Jun 30 2010
I really sorry. :( I fix the download link and now it will work well.

Actually, DDakji_latest is always updated version. I didn't write changelog, but I updated it occasionally.

Thanks for using DDakji icon! :) - Jun 30 2010
Sorry for late response, and Thank you to your contribution.

To keep mood of sticker icon packs, we need to apply sticker effect and posterizing.

Please send icons to, I will review the icons and include the icons to the ddakji packs. - Sep 15 2009
Thank you, the Zoid!

chrome(or chromium) will be included in next release. and Rhythmbox icon is already included in the theme.

I'll take your recommedation, Listen Music Player will be included in next release. :)
- Aug 16 2009
Thanks for your advice. I appreciate David Lanham, again. :) - Jul 28 2009
I still has no problem.. I try that line and antialiasing problem of smalll size icon has occured.

But I guess that the problem is 'index.theme has size corrupting option.' and I updated new index.theme. try it :)

I updated size option. MinSize=33


Type=Scalable - Jul 21 2009
I can't confirm this problem. But actually past version has a that issue. But this problem is fixed at the latest version. :)

It was just mistyping problem..

If latest version has still that issue, reply this comment. - Jul 21 2009
Suspend icon is two. Yellow button is real suspend icon, and stars and moon is screensaver icon. I think that two icons is ok. because stars and moon icon has a problem with small size.. but I think it looks good..

Original icon set is for MAC OSX then so many icon is reference of the MAC Apps. It will be fixed somedays. I have the plan replacing gnome-do icon and impress icon(their icon are actually "Finder" and "Keynote")

Last, thanks for the suggestion. I will add icons for gwibber and banshee. geany and nm will be added someday. :) - Jul 20 2009
You see "aufkleber theme" from devian art. Yeah, this theme is highly based on it. Beside, Thanks for the recommendation. :) I'll look up them. - Jul 19 2009
Thanks : ) - Jul 17 2009
I confirm this, those will fixed next realease : ) - Jul 17 2009