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glitter Chris 444 Lockhart

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Jan 22 2004
holizz is a little on the hostile side.. but there is a point to be made regarding the preview.. i could care less if it's smaller than the actual wallpaper.. as long as it's not 3X size.. it's alright with me.

but.. once somebody has looked at the preview, they don't have to 'download' it, because they already have.. they can just save the preview. this hurts your download count.

this wallpaper is aptly named. i can't see using it myself.. though it is welldone, it's proper application would NOT be for a wallpaper. - Jan 27 2004
3D KDE Conference WP

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Jan 23 2004
i think this is beautiful. I like that it is crisp and simple. there's so many wild and complicated pics on here, i like seeing something i can an actually use as a wallpaper. i too look forward to seeing it just read 'KDE'. of course, i would love to see it say FreeBSD, too.. but that's just me. :) - Jan 27 2004