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S.í‡aÄŸlar Onur

Network by caglar10ur 28 comments

there is a missing import here, i corrected on svn, following patch solves this issue...

Modified: PyWireless/
--- PyWireless/ (original)
+++ PyWireless/ Sun Dec 18 02:55:33 2005
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
_ = __trans.ugettext

''' PyQt and PyKDE Modules'''
-from qt import QToolTip, QTimer, SIGNAL
+from qt import QToolTip, QTimer, QMessageBox, SIGNAL
from kdecore import KIcon, KIconLoader, KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData, KUniqueApplication, KStandardDirs
from kdeui import KSystemTray
from dcopexport import DCOPExObj - Dec 19 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by loker 8 comments

These are the most beatifull icons i ever seen...

By the way, here is the offical SVN repo address: (for some minor edits, like firefox and akregator icons)... - Sep 28 2005