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Julian Kaiser
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Wallpaper Other by Pyri 3 comments


Is the wallpaper also available in a version without any text?
That would be great! - Apr 10 2008
Close Enough

Wallpaper Other by reiterb 4 comments

Fantastic Wallpaper! It's really great, I do love it.

Thank you very much for sharing your great work with us! - Mar 24 2008

Wallpaper Other by Mutant001 24 comments

Thanks for your great work and thanks for sharing it with us! :) - Mar 11 2008

Wallpaper Other by paninaro 44 comments

It's also nice, but it's a bit too artificial for me. I liked Night(fear) 1.0 more, which is my absolute favorite. - Dec 05 2007
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Sorry, but I don't like the photos (no, I'm not gay).
You're not sooo beauftiful that everyone has to have a photo from you. And moreover I don't like girls who just put naked pics of them on the internet.

Of couse the naked one looks nice (also heavily edited), but I just don't like girls who are in love with their own body and the pics are nothing special. - Aug 11 2007
Hey, thanks! Now it's even more perfect. :D
Keep up the good work. - Jun 28 2007
Very nice picture. Looks really a bit mystic - I like that.

Thanks for your work.

The only bad thing is the pretty low resolution... do you have this picture also in higher (1280x1024?) resolution? - Jun 11 2007