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Video Apps by chapaevrmt 21 comments

I had same problem. I reported it, but no mesage. I think the problem with -v option on transcode it's not very important (I think it's just verbose mode). The real problem is with -w option that the program use. You have 2 solutions:

1.- Every time you convert a avi file, you need to edit the script and DELETE "-V" option and "-w 0" option too. That worked for me.

2.- If you don't want to do it everytime, you need to modify the soruce file (qcreatevob.ui.h) and make it good (without the options -w and -V).
Delete %V on line 229 and %vbitrate on line 330 on source_directory.
Example: /home/martin/programas/qcreatevob-1.1/src/qcreatevob.ui.h

Then uninstall app (make uninstall && make clean) and reinstall (./configure && make && make install)

I hope this help. At least, this worked for me.

I use gentoo. - Nov 07 2005