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Knut Ness

Wallpaper Other by Calisto 2 comments

Thanks! :-)

I'll see if I can work on a few more resolutions. However the original photo is only 1600x1200. But I'll do my best :-) - Apr 20 2009

Nature by Calisto 2 comments

It is what used to be a flower :-) - Apr 17 2009

Wallpaper Other by Calisto 2 comments

Edited in GIMP. I marked the dark area and used the fill-tool on it (with transparency). Then I filled the white lines. Quite easy actually :-) - Apr 11 2009
Glass Snake

Wallpaper Other by tdennist 2 comments

It's a nice one, good work =) - Apr 10 2005
The Linux Force - Part I

Wallpaper Other by Naoli 11 comments

Nice one, me like =p - Apr 10 2005
Alone in the Dark (frog)

Wallpaper Other by dazednlost 5 comments

I really liked this one! Good work =) - Apr 10 2005