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Amir Dizdarević
Modern Debian Brand

Various Gnome Stuff by sebagmz 2 comments

I think it's awesome! I also think the swirl should be a bit stylised to go better with the font you created. Any chance of seeing that font as a TTF? It'd be cool to use it on window borders. - Jan 18 2011
humanity Icon Theme for JDownloader

Various Gnome Stuff by canciman 3 comments

Thank you very much! :)

Actually, I was meaning to provide an icon, but just didn't get around to it. I assume you are using openJRE as your Java? The open Java sadly has problems with transparent icons in the tray area. You can either:

1. remove open Java and install Oracle's proprietary Java (which doesn't have that problem -- I know this since Mint has it installed by default)

2. replace the icon with one that has your panel's background instead of transparency. Someone already did that and posted it on OMGubuntu.

Instructions for Ambiance:

Instructions for elementary:

Good luck! :) - Jan 16 2011