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GTK3 Themes by nale12 17 comments

Thanks for this Theme, is great ...

But.. the last Sunday i was using it with Inkscape and i get the Inkscape slow. Am in Ubuntu 12.04 The issue happend with the GTK2 theme version Try to reproduce it using the B├ęzel tool to draw a curve. So the mouse became slow suddenly the Inkscape not freeze but is unusable to work.

Changing to another theme help me to test if is the problem with Inkscape or the theme.

So until now i'dont how to debug the theme.. i try using inkscape from a terminal to see if i can get any warning but nothing.

Also i've using another GTK2+ based theme in the pixmap engine (Your theme is using it?) But i'dont get the same issue.

Anyway if you know how to debug the theme and you want to share.. i can help u to debug it.

Thanks for made this awesome theme!
- Jan 08 2013

GTK2 Themes by Fhtang 4 comments

I love you idea.. keep doing! is nice see texture in the themes..

=) GREAT JOB! - Jan 05 2010

GTK3 Themes
by nale12

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9   Jan 08 2013