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Paul Davidson
ICOnvert service menu

Dolphin Service Menus by dirge 9 comments

This program looks extremely useful. - Jan 22 2004
Knifty (KDE >= 3.2)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ceebx 78 comments

I must say, this is the nicest, cleanest KDE theme I have ever seen. It'll be a permanent part of my desktop. - Jan 18 2004
SUSE Green Chameleon

Wallpaper Other by captainhaddock 3 comments

I will try to put up alternate sizes on my website soon. I don't want to clutter up with different versions too much.

- Dec 18 2003
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

I'm having the exact same problem. - Dec 17 2003