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Video Players by eean 278 comments

kaffeine has such a feature via its system tray icon. When I do a simple left mouse click over the tray icon while the kaffeine window is visible it hides completely (an entry in any taskbar is also removed), if it was also playing it pauses the playback too. Another click brings the video back and restarts the playback again. I find this very convenient, especilly if also bound to a keyboard shortcut: the player window is minimized and the playback paused in one action and the playback retstarted just as simple.
I hope I was clear enough, if not just ask again, maybe I will also have some more suggestions.

Bye, Valentin. - Aug 10 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

Do you have plans to add support for subtitles? And what about adding the possibility to hide and pause codeine with one action like kaffeine offers it with a click on the tray icon?
i like the idea of a simple movie player and the session idea for every movie file is great. I tried codeine in an earlier version where it didn't work, now it seems to work fine. I am using it now as the behaviour of kaffeine to play the previously played file at the end of the currently played file (hope you get what I mean) is driving me nuts and kplayer jumps around happily when maximized and minimized between my 2 monitors in my xinerama setup, but a pause and hide function would make codeine even more attractive to me. ; )
Bye, Valentin. - Aug 07 2005