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Alejandro Cariceo , Chile
KDE Plasma Screenshots

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Jan 09 2006
The goal is to go away from windows, but most of people just know that their computers have something called "windows", full of viruses, security holes and license tied. Most of people knows too, that some icon open a word processor, other icon open a calculator, etc.
Well, in these scenes, you can find a lot of little and medium companies still using w98 without a good antivirus neither os updates or security protection.
For this companies i think this is a very good option to use linux, but it's very dificult to take the chance if you don't give them a similar environment. - Jan 09 2006
Oh, no, IE is very bad, but unfortunately there are lots of websites and web apps that only run with IE.
I think that firefox is the best browser today. - Jan 09 2006