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Carlo Wood

Wallpaper Other by carlo 7 comments

What exactly is disturbing you
in this picture? I think you
are sexually frustrated when you immedeately think about ***ABUSE*** when you see this picture.

You're entitled to your opinion(s)
about this wallpaper - others
might like it however, hence I
share it. The use of the word
"disturbing" in this context is
highly disturbing me - your comment
should be removed from, it offends me.

- Dec 08 2002
Branded Acqua Rei

Wallpaper Other by skyshadow 9 comments

How can she be too young?
Everyone was young once, and
every age has its beauty.
A wallpaper should have something
relaxing and youth/cuteness can be
exactly that what you need to smile. - Dec 08 2002