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Casey Finnerty Guelph, Canada

Database by salvaste 42 comments

I had katalog working in Kubuntu, but it doesn't seem to work in Mepis 7. The installation from source seemed to go well, but when I right-click on a directory and select "Create catalog", I always get the error: "No storage found. Please check your settings."

I found this error mentioned on a Krusader forum as well, but no solution. - Jan 11 2008

Utilities by StefanT 175 comments

I'm trying to use KoverArtist (version 0.3.2 from the repos) in Kubuntu, and I'm running into problems. When I try to open a saved project file, I get the error message "Unknown case:" or "Unknown case: cd-standard". If I click "Continue", the project file will open but without any cover art; only the song titles are preserved.

Perhaps related, I also noted that the "Case" pull-down menu is non-functional. Selecting this menu after opening the program causes the cd template to disappear, and I have found it impossible to recover it without restarting the program.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior or found a workaround? Would installing the latest version from rpm work? If the latter, please let me know which rpm version worked for you, as there are several KoverArtist rpm's available for SUSE, and I'm not sure which would work best with Kubuntu. - Jul 10 2006