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Iraq Body Count Ticker

Karamba & Superkaramba by hillmanj 20 comments

now see, thats why nobody at work likes you..... - Sep 20 2004
Iraq Body Count Ticker

Karamba & Superkaramba by hillmanj 20 comments

I think you've been watching to much Michael Moore propaganda. If you want to whip someone for selling weapons to Saddam there are 10 other countries that sold more to Iraq than the USA, that being France, Russia, China and 7 more. Heck, the American amount is not even 0.5% of the total of weapons sold to Iraq from 1973 to 2002 - Sep 20 2004
Ye'H Paw?

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Believe it or not, Im a linux user, and Im certanly no socialist. Dont try to hijack linux for your own political'll eventually scare many potential users away, believe me. - Jul 04 2004
Observatory (NOAO)

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Me like a lot. - Jun 29 2004
BlueIce kwin decoration w/ color scheme

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It compiles and installs fine here, but I still can't select it at the control panel...

SuSE 9.1 personal. - Jun 09 2004
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Somehow I fail to see what relevance french colonial rule, US puppet government and so on has with this. Are you trying to make a statement that for example North Korea is triving now ??. What a cheap argument claiming that people in vietnam are now better educated under communist rule, than under french colonism. Oh yeah, chalk that one up to socialism. How would you expect a country to fare while being torn by war compared to in peace time ??

Somehow you seem to be trying to make this an argument about pro-colonism and anti-colonism. Whats next ? Are you going to blaim present-time USA for killing the Indians ??

"able to keep the fruits of their labor, instead of having them carted off to France or America!"

Yeah, they must be trilled to get payed slave-wages, vorking in sweat-shops and see the fruit of their labor being exported at dumping prices. The standard of living is wait, it isn't. How can this be ?? I mean after all, theire under the divine rule of socialism..why arent they earning as much as the "exploited" worker in the west?

About our hospital system, my comparison was with the German hospital system. A system based on private insurences. They havent got problems with waiting lists...we do. The "joke of the nation" is that if a corpse gets dugged up again, its because he got moved up on the waiting list...our hospitals havent got the capacity to take all those needing treatment...despite that we have "free hospitals" for all. Again, Im trying to make a point, saying that socialism doesent cure all problems, like some make it sound.

"the Pentagon recently announced that 135,000 troops would leave South Korea for just one example"

well, now that you're so tied up with doing research, you might wanne correct that see there are only aprox. 37.000 US troops in SK, and the plan is to re-deploy 3600 troops to Iraq, and in all decreasing the US precense in SK by 12,500troops, so you're only off by some 1000%. The increase in the amount of bases, might, and just like you im only speculating here, might be a result of the global "hotspot" moving from cold-war europe and korea to the present middle east/central asia.

"Moving right along to your comments on the nightmarish reality of life in Denmark"

I never did claim it was nightmarish to live here, I merely stated the fact the increased social wellfare doesent come for free, it needs funding. I pointed out that social problems, such as street violence, theft and what have we, simply doesent dissapear because of a wellfare system. This was an argument presented to show that things arent as rosy as socialist would like it to seem. Fell free to twist my words again, if you feel the need.

"Now, does the Danish People�s Party publish a manual entitled �How to Construct a Negative Argument Without any Facts� that you perhaps subscribed to?"

I wouldnt know, I don't vote for nor support those air-heads.

" I am a journalist and have a bit more regard for accuracy than you seem to be capable of providing"

Oh oh, a JOURNALIST..well I bow down before you as your humble servent. Did take the course "houlier than thou 101" at college ?

"You�ve taken far more of mine than you are worth, I assure you."

Forgive me oh great one, and thank you for letting me bask in the glory of your intellect. - Jun 09 2004

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Should have....but doesent. Same error here. - Jun 08 2004
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since I cant reply to the answer I must do so here....

What facts am I making up ? Is it because they dont agree with you ??

Look it up, you find that none of them are fiction. - Jun 07 2004
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Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

Would you like to see some figures from North Korea ??, China ?? Vietnam ?? - Jun 07 2004
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I am Danish, but I dont feal exploited by Maersk at all. The Danish state had their chance at getting the oil fields back when they where discovered, but back then the state believed that it wasnt profitable to pump up the oil, Maersk thought differently...and now you claim that the state should reclaim the oil-fields ?? Thats called stealing. Mearsk toke a chance and invested money, and now they take profit...thats only fair.

The problems that I hinted are many. Its the whole flip-side of the socialism coin that you dont mention. You only go on about how all will have jobs, how theres wellfare for all etc. What you dont mention is, as I mentioned before, the massive taxation, that this system requires. Right now i'm unemployed..and guess what, getting a job whould only mean slightly more why should I bother? You can call me a right winger all you want, this "houlier than thou" thing is quite common for leftwing people all over the world. A wellfare system that gives people no consequense for their choises in life leaves people to not take responsiblety for their own actions, and actually rewarding those that wont do an ekstra share of work, and punishing those who work more. It might have escaped your attention, while living in scandinavia, that social problems still exists despite social wellfare. The whole "supporter-society" breeds nothing but people with "ask not what you can do for your wellfare, but ask what your wellfare can do for you" attitude.

Despite that fact that our hospital system is the most expensive in the world, its still is no better than the German. Our schools are among the worst in europe, all that despite government funding.

If it still exscapes you, my point is that socialism is just as flaved (in my oppinion, even more) as western "capatilism", if thats what you want to call it. - Jun 07 2004
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Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

Oh, were stil no were near socialism yet (thank God), but yes, our sociaty wellfare model is among the most left-turned in the world...but dont deny the problems it brings, things are NOT as rosy.

By the way, have you been exploited by Mearsk lately ?? I havent...he(they) bring jobs instead. - Jun 06 2004
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Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

And naturaly the US went into afghanistan for one oil-line...right on. Just like in Somalia & kosova, real oil-states.

About the mujahadin and Osama, yeah the US funded the mujahdin against the Sovjet. Later Osama switched side to the taliban and the mujehadin was a part of the northern alliance, that in the afghan war was a US ally again. So what does that prove ?? That the US is simply to blame for 9.11 because one mujahadin soldier changes side ?? Because they couldn't foresee the future ??

The socialist ideology is flaved like many others. The fact that it simply failed anywere attempted, shows its lack of potential. The whole "full employment" "social wellfare" and so on, is only one side of the coin. In order to finance this, you need government administration of peoples income and you loose personal financial freedom. Full employment gives the need to invent work that produce no value, how will you imploy people producing goods that no one can afford to buy, when the wellfare system sucked up most of your earnings through taxes...and please, dont say "read up on das kapital" or some old stuff like that, relate to realism, not books. Here in scandinavie we have much social wellfare, free education, free hospitals and so on, but we also pay up to 75% taxes if your income is higher than avarage. The avarage income gets away with around 50% taxes, we pay 25% taxes on all goods, cars have 185% taxes and I could go on, and still wellfare needs more money to supply what socialism promises. So dont paint a perfect picture of it.

The nazi symbol is also is a budhist peace symbol, still we all know what it means, and its the same with the hammer and sicle...its the soviet unions symbol, a regime even worse than nazi-germany.

About the comment that reagon bankruptet the US, I find kinda odd, coming from a socialist. You of all people must believe in expanding the government sector...thats how socialism works, the state employs people (in Reagans case the army). State spending is expanded to produce jobs... - Jun 06 2004
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Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

The millions killed by the US in takes two sides to fight, you cant blaim US for all the victims.

The iraqi people....where they better of with Saddam ?? 300.000 in massgraves, how much longer should that have gone on ?? USA only wants oil, will propably be your next much oil is there in afghanistan ?? US has freedom of speech and religion. Be saying that the US isnt better than the sovjet union was is simply displaying your own ignorance. - Jun 06 2004