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May 22 2014
PS. Plus the Styxar Video Randomizer software is both outdated and the developer is no longer available to purchase or contact for software key updates etc. - Jan 28 2019
Thank You Mederi for reply so quickly! I am computer savvy, but not as savvy as to know what Wine for Android is or what it could do? Also, I am fine with using this script on my PC, but do not use my PC as much as my mobile Android Tablet device. Would be very cool and nice for it to be made into an Google Play App for Android device (Pleeeeease!?) I've looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find any similar app to play portions of random videos anywhere, seems very rare. Is frustrating because i would love to do this since i host multiple events and have work and house party events, which i would love to play my music and multiple video portions along with this. Can this be accomplished somehow one way or another? Even if it's a separate piece of software or integrated? I am not "programming language" literate, only computer savvy and very literate when it comes to integration, research, etc. This type of software is just NOT out there and available for anything. The only thing that comes close is "styxar video randomizer" which is both outdated and confusing to use. Could you check this piece of software out and replicate it or make something similar to use with Android and VLC devices etc? Thanks for the input, i will definitely try what you recommended and let you know what happens. I'm very much appreciated for your prompt and generous and informational reply. This is a wonderful piece of software you have developed and just needs research and developing. Heck, i'd pay for it. I'm sure others would too if so was elaborated, made for multiple devices, and simplified. Thanks & Cheers - Jan 28 2019
Would love to have this available for Android Samsung tablet? Was trying to download on my Android is this possible? Can't figure it out or is it only available on PC? If so can it be available on Android Samsung tablet? - Jan 26 2019