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Dec 14 2009
I replaced the ping by a service call to KDE.

1. The transparent default background is not really great. I may had a default white background in the page css.
you can add body{background:white} in the Advanced CSS section
or you can use the predefined javascript hiding others which keeps the default page styles (but often it keeps some margins which are not well suited for a small plasmoid).

2. I'll add the click on link functionnality and I agree with your solution: to open in the user default browser.
- Dec 16 2009
Ok I see. I think I know where the problem is.

At startup the plasmoid wait for an internet connection (otherwise it display an error at system startup).
To check the connection it merely try to ping google each 100ms like this : ping -c 1

But maybe your connection prevent this command from being executed in the given 100ms.

Can you try this command "ping -c 1" and count how long it last and with which result?

Anyway, I think I should move to another solution for the internet Checking.
- Dec 16 2009
Flash will be good for sure. I tried to enable it but it either crashes the desktop or load the flash in a new window. I think this is due to how plasma desktop is drawn but I'll try to ask informations to plasma developers. - Dec 15 2009
The area picking is done in javascript (some javascript is injected into the webpage).
The mousemove event was not really optimized (adding borders to the element at each mouse move). So I changed it so that it bypass events for the same element. This should speed up the area picking part. - Dec 15 2009
I don't think ruby is the issue because ruby does not really much: this plasmoid uses the compiled qtwebkit engine (part of qt).
I'd rather think of an Internet connection problem: The configuration dialog should show a webpage suggesting you to search for a page to make your plasmoid from.
Are you using a proxy ? - Dec 14 2009
This new version should be more stable.
No repo as for now. - Dec 13 2009
I made lot of improvments to the plasmoid and it now support a really easy selection mode.

And you can also publish your plasmoid or get one made by others. - Dec 13 2009
There might be a problem in your isntallation: the error show that you miss the file.
In ubuntu this file is located in /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i486-linux/
in the package libkorundum4-ruby1.8. - Nov 17 2009
Yes this is one of the function that it can do, but the solution I propose is a more powerfull and simple to implement - but it need javascript and html skills.

The problem is that selecting the part of a page is by nature complex.
That's why I prefer to use the inspect feature of firebug (select the element by clicking on the page) and then constructing my jquery selector as the best way possible. For exemple you might want to select the 3rd parent div of a link which contain a specific word which will lead you to this code :
$("body").replaceWith($("a:contains('the link word')").parents("div:eq(2)"))

What would you suggest anyway ?

- Nov 17 2009
You may try running in a console :
plasmoidviewer ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/htmlembed

And then give me the output to see if it's the script engine or the plasmoid which crash.
- Nov 16 2009

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Jan 30 2012
Really good widget.
It would be great if, when multiples messages are received at once, all there subjects were written instead of just X mails received. - Sep 29 2009