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Jez jfarrance
kstatus superkaramba theme

Karamba & Superkaramba by karraskal 54 comments

Somebody get rid of this gaysss troll. How do I put in a complaint about this guy ? - Feb 03 2005

Wallpaper Other by mablanquer 4 comments

Since someone mentioned it I can't take my eyes off that blue floaty !! Arrrrggg !!! :P - Feb 01 2005
linux rulez

Wallpaper Other by machack 3 comments

heh, Its cute, the brick wall looks great but yeah the ground is erm.. unusual in its shinyness aint it :P - Feb 01 2005
Blue Klass

Wallpaper Other by cfel 13 comments

I'm never satisfied with my desktop and I change wallpaper like I change socks, but I'm getting quite a bit of mileage out of this one. :) - Feb 01 2005
GNU's Not Usable

Wallpaper Other by antignu1 13 comments

Sorry but the word "moron" just keeps repeating over and over in my head... - Feb 01 2005
Mandrake melt

Wallpapers Mandriva by gbhil 1 comment

I think it looks ok but I don't really like the melted logos - keep it simple and clean. Keeping to the proper logos would look better. - Feb 01 2005
Crystal Style

Wallpaper Other by raoulduke2 6 comments

Well It may not have won a competition but I think it looks quite nice and professional, especially for business environments. Keep it up - the KDE team should dump old wallpaper junk and use more contributions like this. - Feb 01 2005
Theme Idea from GNOME Community

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 21 comments

OOohhhh ! Very nice ! I would download it now if I could... anyone ? - Feb 01 2005