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jean cerien

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Sep 05 2017
thanks for answering so quickly

I've copied everything to a local disk, and it does indeed work.

I was using version 0.9.1 before and had no issues over the network - do you think this behaviour could continue in the newest versions ?

rgds - Sep 18 2013
** thanks - this is a GREAT extension **

VLC could not open file "C:"

this happens after I've selected a file to download, and ask to download, when the progress bar is filled up

If I change the working dir to D:, I get D: so I guess it is just the start of the working dir. I get a correct zip file in the work dir, AND a .SRT with a 0 size, with the same same as the video being watched. When I extract the SRT from the zip (that has a slightly different name than the video being watched), subtitles work fine

See log at:
- Sep 17 2013

VLC Extensions
by exebetche

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Sep 17 2013