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Shaun McArthur
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IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets 124 comments

by shok
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Nov 08 2002
Google "iconsx 0.7" you can find it on the only link that comes up (the page is in Korean, so just look for the link unless you are fluent) - May 01 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 35 comments

by atac
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Jun 03 2003
nm it was a problem with gentoo's ebuild (fixed) - Apr 29 2004
I read above that ontop is disabled by default, but it seems to be enabled by default. Soo... how can I disable it? Thanks! :)

Chaaun - Apr 29 2004
*Kill Bill*

Wallpaper Other 41 comments

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Nov 24 2003
Thanks! Check the zip file there should be one there. ;) - Nov 24 2003, do I like the word "people" today or what?? :P anyway have fun!!! - Nov 24 2003
...Quentin? - Nov 24 2003
Okay people I hid the Mandrake logo layer and whipped out a bunch of different resolutions. They should be more or less identical to the orginal as I had to swap between my final and earlier versions to get the background extended to a higher res without any pixellation (really I can't see any discernable difference but I'm not as picky as *some* people). :) Maybe I'll try another movie with the penguins a little later... I'm still at university and physics finals are coming up in the next week. - Nov 24 2003