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System Software 32 comments

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Oct 21 2011
We handle the translations via Transifxes

Anyway the project is stalled until we backport a partitioner into KDE's Solid. - Feb 04 2013
Look the previous comments, the answer it's there if you are using Kubuntu or derivated distros, they don't respect the vanilla kde paths so the desktop should be placed in another folder, we will fix soon. - Feb 11 2011
Thanks! the translation as been committed to the source code, will be available the next release. - Feb 11 2011
Try it, works here, anyway it's a tiny app and the goal it's just empty a stick, if you need a more complex format o recreate the partition table you should use an more advanced tool like partitionmanager :) - Jan 16 2011
Chakra Gtk Config - KCM

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Dec 20 2011
Please, go to the project page and clone the Git instead: - Dec 21 2011
Well i cannot reproduce the issue. Anyway, we will put this KCM upstream in KDE so it can be shipped by default so right now the code is being re-written and cleaned completelly so probably any issue will dissapear. - Dec 05 2011
This KCM just sets the proper options according the Gtk API, so theorically should work. Anyway, some engines like Oxygen-Gtk or QtCurve override the Gtk settings so some options are not working depending on the engine you use. - Oct 05 2011
Sure, someday when we get some time for it, Chakra does not use Gtk3 yet and that's why as not been updated yet. - Aug 30 2011
Well not only fonts, by default this app uses "Oxygen-Gtk" as engine, "Oygen-Refit2" as icon theme and "Bitstream Vera Sans" as font, in case all this is installed, why? bcause this app is part of the "gtk-integration" package of Chakra GNU/Linux which includes all this in one package and this is the default Chakra setup. Obviously that's hardcoded as default only in case you have the related packages installed and can be changed as you want and even more, just installing the KCM no configs are changed, until you actually "Apply" the config once in the KCM. Please open a feature request in the Chakra Bug-tracker. - May 16 2011
Your request as been implemented, we tested it and Oxygen-Gtk or QtCurve does not use this set, at least not in all the apps, also added 2 additional tweaks for show icons in buttons and icons in menus. Enjoy. - May 15 2011
The KCM you are talking about was part of the gtk-qt engine, which is being deprecated by the awesome Oxygen-Gtk engine developed by the Oxygen team.

The approach of this KCM is different, does not relies in the Gtk-Qt engine at all, in fact can be used without actually having installed Gtk2 in your system or even with a Qt installed without support for Gtk themes as Chakra-Gtk-Config is just a GUI for the Gtk config files.

In case you are using the Oxygen-Gtk engine, the fonts are automatically set by the engine according your KDE settings.

The font family selection is some we added for possible themes without this support and in fact i don't think your request is possible without using the Gtk-Qt engine which is not the target of this KCM, as instead of use Qt for draw Gtk GUIs, we are using real Gtk engines.

In fact the "main" feature of this KCM is the Gtk freeness, it is written from scratch in Qt/KDE and does not use Gtk at all, that's why we cannot add engines preview, in case you know a Gtk tweak we can add for this functionality we are open for patches. - May 14 2011
I openend a feature request in the Chakra bug tracker:

Next time please use our bugtracker to fill feature requests so any developer can take the job and we can track the progress. - May 14 2011
The symlink it's now created on apply the settings, i hope this fix your issue. - Feb 04 2011
RcConf Settings - KCM

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Oct 21 2011
Sure, in the Chakra bugtracker you can either send bugs or feature requests. Just go to the link above in the KCM description. Any patch is welcome. - May 16 2011