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Full Icon Themes by eliverlara 112 comments

I cannot seem to get the Sweet-Purple to work, though admittedly I have not tried the other colours. The index.theme file already has the inherits set properly to take candy-icons, but despite being in the correct location, Sweet-Purple does not show up as an option for icons in my gnome tweaks, and thus I can't set it as the icon set I want to use. - Dec 13 2019

GTK3/4 Themes by eliverlara 413 comments

Seconding this! I'd love to know what wallpaper this is.
- Dec 12 2019
I installed this theme using the install script from the repo, but only the backround image was installed in 2k, and the icons and font are still a much lower, grainier resolution on my screen (probably 1080, but blown up to be very noticeable). I can see that there are 2k and 4k icons in the assets, but I don't know how to make sure they are used over the default 1080 ones. - Nov 03 2019