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Francesco Chasseur
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Jul 18 2009
Awesome work! I like it very much! - Jul 22 2009
April desktop

Gnome Screenshots 7 comments

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Apr 16 2008
I've just modified a bit this adapting it to my screen... - May 12 2008
I was using a script, but it didn't work very I use a screenlet, adapting it to my conky can find it here:

hope this is useful for you... - May 12 2008
The program is conky, you can find it in your distro repositories...using ubuntu sudo apt-get install conky - Apr 27 2008
March Desktop

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Mar 26 2008
Thanks! You can find My conky config here (I just modified it a bit for my 1280x800 screen....): - Mar 26 2008

GTK2 Themes
by metak

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Aug 26 2009