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chavo valdez
A few icons

Icon Sub-Sets by johngreenwood 8 comments

Cool icons, I happen to be using the same wallpaper as the monitor.png on my widescreen. So it's the perfect My Computer icon. - Feb 27 2007

Wallpaper Other by DragonKF 4 comments - Feb 26 2007
Hi! Been using this theme for a long time and it's my favorite byt far. There is however one little bug in Konqueror. When you turn off the add tab button there's a little glitch on the leftmost tab. - Feb 23 2007
monica belluci

Wallpaper Other by limplinux 4 comments

You know you're absolutely right. But there's a time and a place for everything and we just ask you to take your vulgarity elsewhere. I can cuss up a storm believe me, but I can also act like a civilized human being when it's called for.
Step up and rise above it. - Feb 17 2007
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