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Oct 07 2013
...that is "No one watches..."*

A simple edit on here would be nice... - Apr 30 2016
NOTE: That was the spros.ini file for anyone who wanted to know!

Local drive/users/name/appdata/roaming/vlc/spros.ini

Once any video is finished I just set each beginning number to 0.0. No watches to the very end of the video. If you don't reset them then, if you come back to a series and watch it again, each one will start with the end credits. - Apr 30 2016
Sorry for any confusion - I mean: Once you have finished watching the video... if you came back to watch the film/ episode again you would get the end credits because that was probably where the video was stopped. Unless there is some kind of time limit on how long the record is kept for that I have not noticed. I believe a previous plugin always asked if you wanted to resume - I believe that was the default plugin that got removed. - Apr 27 2016
The plugin does what it says it does... and that is it! In other words: If you go back to replay that video it you will get the end credits! You would have thought that there would be a little more intelligence behind the design of it. There does not seem to be any other option to reset it other than going to the users/name/appdata/roaming/vlc and then manually resetting each video to 0.0. I tried deleting all previous records and the whole thing broke then! Is there no panel for just removing all records? - Apr 27 2016

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