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Chris Gentsos

Network by mephx 7 comments

On installation, the wallet it defaults to is kdewallet, alright. If I don't enter it, it pops an error (Not enough arguments (expected 1, got 1)).

If the wallet name is entered, it successfully opens it and tries to save the password, but it fails with:
(!) Saving Your Password...
arguments do not match
(!) Closing Wallet...
...and the passphrase is not saved.

Now, the first problems is fixed by adding the lines

if [$wallet = ""]
right after the line
read wallet

The second problem is solved by replacing
$USER $password
$USER "$password"
, as the password is actually a passphrase and may contain spaces.

I don't know if this is the right place to post this and if it works for others, but I hope this helped.

mephx, thank you for a very nice script! - Sep 21 2008