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Humanoid - OSX - Dark

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Jun 27 2008
I've seen something like that already- I don't use KDW much, but last year I DL'd a theme (I'd start with 'Humanity" and look for mods) so that all my PC's would have the same look -so I know there's something out there that matches or close. - Jun 28 2014
I use "OMG-Dark" -from the OMG suite. let's see if there's a link...yeah, Nale12 over on DeviantArt...

-or just google OMG suite

- Apr 20 2014
Humanoid OSX blend black

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Dec 12 2008
One of my favorite themes of all time so far on any OS.
There's a "theme parsing error" in Cinnamon (LM16, April 2014). I'm going to try and find out what it is so I can fix it for myself. If I can fix it, I'll send you the updated theme file so you can update this. Those errors are pesky. - Apr 20 2014