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Timo Chip2003 , Germany
Karamba & Superkaramba
Wallpaper Other

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

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Jan 15 2008
Cool, I love it! I once created TDE and I just found that it still lives on :o) - Nov 03 2006
Set of Wallpapers - 4 similar Desktops

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Jan 24 2006
Thank you! People seem to like it ... I wasn't even planning to publish it at all actually, it was just an idea. Maybe I should continue making wallpapers ;-) - Jan 27 2006
I tried, but it doesn't look good. The background in Konqueror is aligned top-left, what we would need for this background is bottom-right. And the background does move when scrolling - not really nice... - Jan 22 2006
Crystal + Composite suggestion example

KDE Plasma Screenshots 7 comments

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Jan 13 2006
That's exactly how crystal should look like! We need to see the windows behind the decoration, not just the wallpaper.

Please, please, make that real!

Crystal is great and the first really innovative deco since really long ago.

Chip - Jan 19 2006
E-bar ...Just a design...

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

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Feb 10 2004
Great design, really. Two things:

The K-Button is no problem at all, you can call the menu using dcop (take a look at my TGlass theme for this;
  • ).

    You're right with the maximizing problem. I think, the only solution (exept redisigning the whole theme) is to cut it apart into TWO themes. One is kept free when maximizing, the other one (with the buttons) stays always on top of all applications.

    I'd really like to see this work, especially if you manage to build a nice and fast taskbar.

    Chip - Feb 09 2004
    TDE - T Desktop Enhancements

    Karamba & Superkaramba 61 comments

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    Jun 21 2004
    Thanks for you idea. I think, I've found an even better solution (since you get lots of lines more when using fold). It'll be part of TDE 1.0, which I'm going to release in a couple of days. But hey, thanks for your suggestion!

    Regards, Chip - Jan 29 2004
    Ok, that sounds good ;-)

    Chip - Dec 22 2003
    I'sorry, I don't know what you mean. I substituted "cal -m | grep -v ' ' | cut -b -2" (first day of tcal) by "cal | grep -v ' ' | cut -b -2" and it did work. Did you try the line above directly in a shell? if yes, try a higher value at the "cut" command at the end (3 or 4 instead of 2). Or try to leave "| grep -v ' '" away.

    Regards, Chip - Dec 22 2003

    thanks! tcal uses the normal 'cal' shell command. Take at the code of tcal.theme, theres a couple of lines containing 'cal -m' ...
    The '-m' stands for monday as the first day of the week (cent. european). Just remove '-m' in each of these lines and it should be ok. (The background image will stay as it is).

    I'm going to publish two versions of tcal with the next version, one for central european users an one for US/UK users (first day = monday).

    Regards, Chip - Dec 21 2003

    are you sure, that /var/log/messages exists? Maybe mandrake systems collect the kernel messages somewhere else...? (I don't know Mandrake at all, on SuSE it works).

    Maybe you should do a 'find / -name messag*' to find out where it is. Or - even better - ask someone who's fit with mandrake linux ;-)

    Regards, Chip - Dec 19 2003
    Try it without the '-m' (just cal | ...)
    The -m is just to show the week beginning with Monday instead of Sunday (US/UK). This should work then.

    Regards, Chip - Dec 19 2003
    You're right, the correct path is /var/log/messages.

    Chip - Dec 19 2003
    Danke! (Thanks!)
    I was planning to show the current date in an different color, but it's not as easy as I thought, to make it look proper.

    Take a look at the code, I'd be cool if someone could give me a hint!

    Regards, Chip - Dec 17 2003
    Ok, have a look at the code of tcal.theme.
    There's some shell commands that gets the calendar info:
    cal -m| grep -v ' ' | cut -b -2

    Try if the commands 'cal' and 'cut' (and grep also) are available on your machine.

    If yes, try the complete command string 'cal -m| grep -v ' ' | cut -b -2' and look what happens.

    Regards, Chip - Dec 17 2003
    Thanks :-)

    Here's the background image: - Dec 16 2003
    Thanks. Please have a look at the README, that comes with TDE. It's roughly described there. If you can't cope, look at the comments of my tmon-Theme ( ), it's described there in detail.

    Regards, Chip - Dec 16 2003
    Thanks. Please have a look at the README, that comes with TDE. It's roughly described there. If you can't cope, look at the comments of my tmon-Theme ( ), it's described there in detail.

    Regards, Chip - Dec 16 2003
    TMon liquid/keramik

    Karamba & Superkaramba 71 comments

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    Aug 11 2003
    This is quite strange. I have no idea whats wrong with your distro. Whit SuSE it works.

    Please look at the very top of these comments. There I described how the whole sensors-thing is to set up. I'm not an expert in sensors, I just use it. So, if the steps I described don't work, you should have a look at the sensors docu.

    Good luck!

    Chip - Sep 06 2003
    Make sure you are root. modprobe can't be executed by a normal user ;-)

    Chip - Sep 05 2003
    Thanks :)

    There's a config file at ~/.superkaramba/ called tmon-1.rc or similar. It's written when tmon is started the first time. Just delete it and start tmon again. It should work.

    Chip - Sep 02 2003
    Run sensors and look at its output, how the temperatures are named (like temp1 or similar). These names need to be configured in the tmon.theme file.

    Chip - Aug 31 2003
    Yes, according to Superkaramba How-to, it is possible. In the theme file, there's a section called CPU. Copy it, adjust x and y coordinates and add cpu=0 or cpu=1 at each line (beginning with bar, graph and text) behind sensor=cpu.

    For further information, look at


    Chip - Aug 16 2003
    Anyway, if ifconfig doesn't work, just make a link into /bin.

    Chip - Aug 14 2003
    It should be "SYS Temp" for example.

    For me, it looks like that:

    fan3: 4245 RPM (min = 3000 RPM, div = 2)
    temp1: +40 - Aug 12 2003

    look at the .theme file, it is already implemented, but commented (#), because it works only, if you're root or have the right to run ifconfig. (You can just click the network icon)

    Chip - Aug 12 2003
    So here's version 1.3!

    Hope that's what you meant ;-)

    Regards, Chip - Aug 11 2003
    What exactly do you mean? I'm looking for good ideas for the next version of tmon. So to all you KDE people: tell me your ideas!

    Which information would you like to see when clicking on something? Which sensors would you like to have?

    Thanks to all!

    Chip - Aug 06 2003
    The problem you describe isn't actually a problem. tmon is configured to monitor 'ppp0', that means an analog modem. I get the same message, whem I'm not online.

    If you're using an analog modem, it will disappear when your connected. Just run it NOT from console (create an icon to start it), and you'll never see that again.

    If you're using a different network device (such as a normal ethernet card), change the value in the .theme file from ppp0 to eth0 or how ever your device is called. (I think I wrote a comment in the .theme file how to do that).

    Chip - Jul 31 2003
    It looks exactly the same in my GKrellm config. I picked the sensor types just from there, i.e. temp1, fan1.

    I have no idea why it's not working with yours. Since I'm not an expert, I took the types from there and hoped it would work. And it did ;-)

    There's obviously not very many people with that problem (as far as I know).

    Strange ...

    Sorry, seems as I can't help you.

    Isn't here anybody who's fit in that? Help us! - Jul 23 2003
    Did you change the device at BOTH sections, Network in AND out? If yes, have you got the latest version of superkaramba?

    Thanks for your comment! - Jul 16 2003
    Well, that's strange. Maybe you can try if the sensor's name in GKrellM is temp1 to temp3 as well. If it's different from that, adapt the values in the tmon.theme file. I don't exactly know where superkaramba grabs these values from, but it should take the information from sensors. My theme only calls the values superkaramba provides. To check if the labels of the sensors in GKrellM's config are the same as in my theme is the only idea I've got.

    Try using TMon-1.2, it shows 3 temperatures at once. Maybe that works.

    Doesn't anyone here know superkaramba better than me and could help us? - Jul 16 2003
    Do you have the latest version of Superkaramba (0.29) ? If not, try that!

    Chip - Jul 16 2003
    Make sure sensors works properly, including kernel module. (it took me quite a while)

    The values TMon/1.2 shows, come from superkaramba. TMon just displays them. So if your values seem sensless, take an look at the superkaramba docu

    For those values that come from sensors (fan speeds and temperatures), look at for configuration hints.

    Chip - Jul 16 2003
    The only difference between TMon an TMon-1.2 concerning the network is the following:

    - Update intervall is now 500 Milliseconds (Used to be 2000). Maybe you try 2000 again.
    - Network is now shown as two different graphs for in an outgoing traffic. This shouldn't have any impact, since there have ever been to number values showing both.

    Chip - Jul 16 2003
    No, you definitely don't need kernel 2.5. I'm using sensors sucessfully since kernel 2.4.18.

    Make sure you loaded the kernel module like sensors' config script tells!

    Chip - Jul 16 2003
    It worked on my machine after I pasted these results in the files described. You might want to try it with GKrellM, which is a stand-alone monitoring tool. If you can't find the temperature sensors there too, there's probably something wrong with your sensors config. (GKrellM comes with most distributions)

    Chip - Jul 13 2003
    Make sure you have the package sensors installed. Then do the following:

    modprobe i2c-proc
    and run:
    which is a configuration script for sensors. It will tell you how to go on further. After that, you just have to figure out which value is for example the temperature or fan speed for your CPU (temp1 or temp2 ...).

    (There is a good howto somewhere on the web, but I can't find it anymore.) - Jul 12 2003
    TGlas 0.0 - Preview and Idea collection!

    Karamba & Superkaramba 11 comments

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    Aug 28 2003
    Where can I find your theme? Maybe I can learn something :-)

    Chip - Aug 26 2003

    Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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    Aug 26 2003
    Interesting remake, looks nice and more 'efficient' now :-) - Aug 26 2003
    KDE3.2 cvs

    KDE Plasma Screenshots 7 comments

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    Jul 17 2003
    Looks nice, I like the new kicker.

    How about the possibility to tear off menues in the K-Menue? I think I saw that in KDE 3.0.1. Will this nice little feature be part of KDE 3.2 again? - Jul 18 2003
    Karamba Extremebar - Final Design

    Karamba & Superkaramba 21 comments

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    Jun 14 2003
    That - May 28 2003