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Milan Avramovic

Graphic Apps by yogin 164 comments

Hi, just saw that you managed the conversion to qt4 - nice job!!

Hopefully, you'll have more time for new features now - and one thing qcomicbook sorely lacks is printing.

Do you have any plans to support printing?

- Nov 06 2007

PDF Software by misuj1am 60 comments

pdf crashes when trying to import a document with different paper size.

Say you work on an A4 papaer and then try to import a 'letter' sized document - instant crash.

It would be good if pdfedit could offer on-the-fly conversion for similar-sized papers ( A4-letter seems like an easy fit) - or even better offer some import options: crop to size, scale bounding box, or just fit 1:1

The solution right now seems to be to print out the document from kpdf into desired paper size and then import it here.

Thanks for a great app! - Sep 03 2007

Education Apps by ita256 149 comments

Ah well, whatever I had I also had in kdissert, plus or minus a few changes....

Thanks anyway ;) - Jul 04 2007

Education Apps by ita256 149 comments

OK, it kinda works now (v0.4.1):

- doesn't crash any more (yay)
- opens old kdissert format files


- when opening old semantik (v0.2.x) format file, a blank page is shown

You're getting there ;) - Jul 03 2007

Education Apps by ita256 149 comments

FYI, just tried with 0.4.0 and it still crashes....

I'm off to explore the new features however, keep up the excellent work :) - Jul 02 2007

Education Apps by ita256 149 comments

semantik 0.3.2 crashes upon opening a document created with v. 0.2.6

is there a need to convert the document somehow?

I can send you the document if you'd like to investigate.... - Jun 15 2007

Education Apps by madpenguin8 45 comments

That would mean that -devel package for X is not installed on your machine.

Depending on your distro, install xorg-devel or similar.

Also make sure that it installs its files in correct location (/usr/X11R6/include and similar or /usr/include)
- Nov 03 2006

Graphic Apps by bk12 105 comments

Hi, I just got 1.3.93 source - and there seems to be a problem with it...

Installation fails for the main library - It has been built ok, and is alongside its symlinks in src/gvcore/.libs/ so this seems like a Makefile problem...

Here's the error message:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/chomee/build/other/gwenview-1.3.93/src/gvcore'
/bin/sh ../../admin/mkinstalldirs /usr/lib
/bin/sh ../../libtool --silent --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c -p /usr/lib/
/usr/bin/install: preserving times for `/usr/lib/': No such file or directory
/usr/bin/install: cannot set time stamps for `/usr/lib/': No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [install-libLTLIBRARIES] Error 1
- Aug 26 2006

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

Thanks a lot for such a handy tool - I got rid of pager promptly ;)

Just one minor niggle - it seems that the perceived physical placement of screens isn't the same as in latest kde (I've got 0.5.1 so you may have fixed it..)

Example: I'm on screen 1, if i go right, I expect to go to screen 2 (as in kde 3.2+) instead it takes me to screen 3... no big deal tho, if it's up to you to fix at all ;)

And BTW - double thanks for the link to backgrounds :) - Jul 25 2005
Warm Tux

Wallpaper Other by arthurb2 3 comments

Bad! Bad!

Now it looks like that stupid frog...


Apart from that, quite nice, if somewhat scary.... - Jun 01 2005
3 Lil Penguins in a bubble

Wallpaper Other by webfiend2000 5 comments

Could you make available several versions (or a gimp file with separated layers)?

The design is very nice, but the colours simply hurt my eyes... - Feb 11 2003