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Christoph Watzl , Austria

Wallpaper Other by chris42 3 comments

Thanks! :-) - Mar 18 2007

Wallpapers BSD by gbh 10 comments

This one's exactly what I've been looking for! Simple, elegant, stylish and at the same time cute! Thanks a lot for sharing this. - Nov 23 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

Wohoo, complaining does help after all! :-)
This will make your plugin a great deal more useable for many users.
There's still that animation when clicking the temperature for the "minimal" view which I can't turn off, though ...
But thanks anyway! - Jun 18 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

... I have two big issues about this plug-in:

1. It should be possible to turn off the notification window that pops up when Liquid Weather fails to download weather information. This notification is really annoying because on my system SuperKaramba and its themes start automatically with KDE, but I often don't have an Internet connection at that time - so more often than not, I get that annoying notification when it's pretty obvious to me that I don't have a network connection at all.

2. Animations are really sluggish on my system, making some of the theme's features barely useable.

Nonetheless, I like Liquid Weather a lot because it looks great and has nice features. - Jun 16 2006