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Christian Ertl

Cursors by diz 4 comments

oh, that was my internet connection, only 10 KB. - Apr 21 2003

Cursors by diz 4 comments

Isn't the image a bit large? (10MB) - Apr 21 2003
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

I can't download anything from your link like many others.
This problem occurs very often.(transfer limit?)
So it would be good if there was a mirror. - Dec 09 2002
german telekom icons

Icon Sub-Sets by cybertoon 2 comments

Do you really like DT?? - Aug 07 2002
Mozilla (BLU)

Icon Sub-Sets by bkeating 3 comments

The normal icon is much better than that crystal one!
Mozilla without the Red Star is not Mozilla. - Jun 23 2002