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Utilities 1 comment

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Jun 01 2010
Works like a charm. Thanks.

I had to install kdelibs5-dev on Debian to compile. - Jun 17 2010

Education Apps 9 comments

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May 30 2010

I'm currently pretty busy with getting the whole app to a Qt-only environment. There are some other issues/features in the pipeline that should follow next.

So any new bigger feature probably needs a helping hand. But why don't you propose anything (mockup or such)! I'll be happy to discuss. - May 30 2010
Hi, thanks for the ping. I fixed some small issues arising from changes to cjklib-0.3 and uploaded a package to the PPA for lucid. I haven't tried it yet, so feedback is appreciated. - May 30 2010
There's a package for Karmic in above ppa. Just install by running

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cburgmer/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install eclectus - Mar 28 2010
Kopete Upside-down Plugin

Chat & Messenging 3 comments

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Feb 03 2009
Good. Hopefully this helps others having the same problem. - Feb 03 2009
Bubbliki chat style

Kopete Styles 13 comments

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Dec 20 2006
I like this skin but one thing annoys me very much: every time I copy some text out of the chat window the message time pops in when my mouse hovers over the bubble. Furthermore the time will even not go away when the mouse leaves the window so reading is very much difficult, especially when the bubble takes 100% of the window, so basically there's no way for the mouse to not be inside the bubble. Some hints where I can change that without completely removing the time stamp? - Oct 30 2008

MP3 Taggers 2 comments

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May 01 2008
Sorry for the long delay, but kde-apps won't issue email updates.

Your error is connected to incompatible versions of PyQt and PyKDE.

This is probably a problem of your distribution. - Oct 12 2008
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

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Mar 12 2009
Can't you use GNU gettext to do the internationalisation? Creating a copy of the complete set for every language looks like a real PITA. - Jul 06 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 15 comments

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Dec 10 2007

I know about this problem, but as this shouldn't be found too often I am just to lazy to change this script, which for me isn't more then a quick hack (though I wish to keep the encoding guesser clean).

What you can do is try to copy the ID3V2 tag to ID3V1 and then use this script. This isn't the best solution as ID3V1 tags have less space so it only works for short tags. Try to make a backup of your mp3 though first.

I'm sorry that there isn't any more elegant solution available here. Well, unless you don't mind changing some stuff in the script, which I would warmly welcome. - Jan 21 2008
Sorry, that should read:

If you want quicker support, please write me an email. - Jan 08 2008
You don't have Textcat installed, so the script tells you it can't find the files. Can you try to upgrade to the new version of the script? I asume you are still running the first version (0.1). The second version will not force you to install Textcat.

Once running, you can see a new entry in the context menu when clicking on a playlist entry.

If you wan't quicker support, please write me an email. - Jan 06 2008
You can find this under the entry "cyrillic (windows1251)". If you have it installed textcat should be able to guess this encoding. - Dec 26 2007
The output you give doesn't seem to be connected to the script.

Please try to give more detail. For example you can check the debug output in /tmp/encodingconverter.debug if you have debugging turned on (default).

Furthermore you can see the script output in Amarok if you go to the script settings and right click on the script's entry. - Dec 26 2007
If you convert a tag in the background Amarok then doesn't know about it. I don't see a simple way of telling Amarok to reload the song into the playlist.

But if you open the Amarok "metadata" dialog where you can see the tag info you should be at least able to see the changed data immediately.

If not and you have removed the line as I proposed as an alternate (though bad) solution, then the tags haven't been converted properly.

This script could be made nicer, with some more simple options, but I hope it is useable for the beginning. - Dec 13 2007
You have to upgrade to the newest version of tagpy (or as it's named in debian: python-tagpy).

I'm running 0.93-1 here and the function that's missing in your version has been added just lately.

You can alternatively try to disable the one line
that's quite at the beginning of the whole script. This might render some conversions unuseful though. - Dec 12 2007
Below is the current table of language encodings. These encodings are supported by this script. To add an encoding for your language please add a comment.

defaultEncodings = {'windows1250': ('slovak', ),
'windows1256': ('arabic', ), 'cp874': ('thai', ),
'gb2312': ('chinese', ), 'big5': ('chinese', ), 'gbk': ('chinese', ),
'euc_jp': ('japanese', ), 'shift_jis': ('japanese', ),
'euc_kr': ('korean', ),
'iso8859_1': ('english', 'german', 'french', 'africaans', 'spanish',
'danish', 'swahili', 'finnish', 'portuguese', 'norwegian',
'swedish', 'rumantsch', 'catalan', 'basque', 'latin'),
'iso8859_2': ('bosnian', 'polish'), 'iso8859_6': ('arabic', ),
'iso88597': ('greek', ), 'iso8859_8': ('hebrew', )}
# 'tscii': ('tamil', ) # seems not to be supported in python

Adding your language will mean: a) making its encoding show up in the selector, b) make textcat guess your language.

As 0 people already made a comment your feedback is appreciated. Does this script work for you? - Dec 10 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 19 comments

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Jan 30 2007
You have to have your music both in amarok and in mpd. When syncing mpd is only told to play the same as amarok. Therefore the script has to know how it can find the local track in mpd: you have to tell it how the local paths are mapped to the paths on the server with mpd.

Mail me if you have any questions. I'm not checking kde-apps regularly. - Dec 29 2007
Sorry for this inconvenience. Indeed not that easy. I am always open for any suggestions. - Aug 29 2007
Thanks for the fix. I don't have any time though to incorporate that into a new version as I'm pretty busy right now. Currently I have no use for this script, so I probably won't make any fixes in the very near future. Soon as I have my system back I'll keep on going again. - Aug 29 2007

Various KDE Stuff 1 comment

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Sep 22 2007
Hi, thank you for this application. Quoting another post seen before somewhere else: "after installing this i ran around clapping and jumping with joy".

I installed the debian package and it works without any flaws yet.
I wasn't so sure before installing what the data source is, but it seems to download the word definition from a dict server. - Nov 27 2007

Audio Apps 37 comments

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Oct 20 2007
A bit of advertisment:
My Amarok script will synchronise Amarok with an MPD instance.

Furthermore mpdemu will act as a mpd server and let amarok play this stuff. - Nov 27 2007
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 143 comments

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Oct 21 2007
If you have an instance of a QApplication all you need to insert is the following method:

def saveState(self, sessionmanager):
# script is started by amarok, not by KDE's session manager

HTH - Nov 27 2007
The Pips

Amarok 1.x Scripts 2 comments

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Nov 09 2007
Hi,nice idea.

But isn't it a bit of a waste calling the date function every 0.3 seconds? There should exist methods to set a wake signal for your app, so you can sleep for 59 minutes. - Nov 27 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

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Oct 24 2007
That's a nice project. It's just the other part to my client: AmarokMPC (

Having this it should be possible to synchronise two Amarok instances just by using the mpd server and client. Maybe somebody wants to try this out and tell us if it worked. - Nov 26 2007

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
Good point.
The current solution (absolute) messes up the whole thing when moving folders.

Christoph - Feb 14 2005
Bluetooth Remote Control for Amarok

Audio Apps 11 comments

by asdex
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Feb 13 2005
> So this schould not be be a security bug. You probably could completely remove the pin.

I was told that there exist buggy pairing implementations. Also 4 digits are a quite week password protection.

Anyway: Had great fun today demonstrating the remote function to the neighbours. - Feb 13 2005
You should be aware that by default the Exec & and Exec commands are available which allow any user to execute abitrary commands given the passwort 1234.

Btw: the german .cfg isn't completly in german. But it shouldn't be to difficult to change that. - Feb 13 2005
Marble - Desktop Globe

Education Apps
by tackat

Score 63.3%
Feb 04 2009