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Michael Pearce
clean desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots by mantis 21 comments

I can't see why anyone would vote this down! It's genius!
I for one am sick and tired of all the aqua, liquid, crystal desktops out there. I would love to get a copy of this one =) - Aug 13 2002
live -=" live - powered by linux "=-

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 12 comments

Would you mind explaining how this is in bad taste? - Aug 11 2002
Orbit like LICQ-Skin

Various Stuff by patch 2 comments

All the images in the skin.orbit directory are not there in the archive you uploaded, and as such, The skin cannot be used - Aug 11 2002
Office icons (preview)

Icon Sub-Sets by osrogon 26 comments

When you do release this iconset, PLEEEEEEASE include the old toolbar icons as well. Some of us out there can't stand the 3d, shiny, crystal-type aqua look - Jul 31 2002