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Cies Breijs

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

kanutron you made a very sweet theme!

i see how you nicely extended some of the ideas i have shown in the efficient theme i made for kopete 0.11: good work!

without knowing you made this theme i ported my old efficient theme to 0.12, see it here:

maybe you want to have a look, i've put some new features in there that you might want to copy (like data/time mouse over thingies).

nice one!
- Feb 10 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by amdfanatyk 6 comments

can you tell me where you get that backgrond from?

i'm interested in having that logo in vector format...


(maybe you can sent me you're answer by email (cies#kde?nl), thanks!) - Nov 28 2006

QtCurve by freqmodn 34 comments

why release it with bugs?
you can dl it from SVN, and build it, and have all the bugs you want...

it is good to experiment with the new features in Qt4. - Nov 23 2005

Kopete Styles by suppandi 3 comments

i also find the slashed abit unnessecary but overall its a good addition to the Kopete styles in here... - Nov 04 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

Okay that make 3 pll asking for Dates in every message. I'll probably have the date-in-every-message feature as an option: you will have to slightly edit a variable in the configuration part of the code.

Or is it okay for you to have the date on top of every chat? - Oct 19 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

Sorry this issue remains... i cannot help that, it's a problem in Kopete -- a also noticed it.

maybe see if there is already a bug report...

i go to bed now, maybe i file a bug report tomorrow, but you can also do it ( - Oct 18 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

here a version of Efficient without them: - Oct 18 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

yeah, this is an small issue. there is one thing you can do:
change the screen name (right click the contact in the buddy-list and then its in one of the options)

for the theme, right now with slightly long names the text gets intended (which is okay imo) but with really long names the name right alligns. well the theme cannot suit all.

personally i hate the reaalllyyy long names, and i give short name to such ppl. - Aug 01 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

your welcome...

if you know anyone who uses kopete with right-to-left text :) i need someone like that to test. - Jul 18 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

The full timestamp should now be in a tooltip (hang over the time) and the point of copy/deleting the style to rename it is also in now...

Thanks! - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

FIXED in 1.3

thanks for pointing out this bug to me!

Cies Breijs - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

can you please tell me which protocol (msn, aim, icq, jabber, etc) you are using?

thanks. - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

one wants seconds, another one wants the day in there...

maybe i can add an easy configuration options for it (the way the colors are now 'easily configuratable')

i'll see... personally i dont really see a use for it, i dont have many more than one day conversations. but if many ppl say here i really want it i'll consider defaulting to it.

Cies Breijs.

NOTE TO SELF: maybe make a tooltip with the extended date for the timestamp. - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

i have a look ate the code as soon as i have the time - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

ohh... here it is 1.2, have consecutiveness - Jul 17 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

You mean the text of the message body text?

Is this problem also with other styles?
If not let me know an other style that doesnt suffer from this problem and I will fix it...

Thanks for the report!
Cies Breijs. - Jul 16 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

nice :)

let me know! - Jul 14 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

cool :)

i'm working on the consecutive thing - Jul 14 2005

Kopete Styles by cies 35 comments

is this the adium style you mean?

I'll have a look at it, but because i dont use a whole line for the contact name it doesnt really save so much space... And for the icons (in the adium style) i dont really like that.

but i have a look at it :)

thanks for the tip!

Cies Breijs. - Jul 12 2005

Audio Apps by comix 17 comments

i just write this so google will pick it up one day...

"w00t, this apps this fruityloops for linux!"

this app rocks!

cies breijs - Jun 19 2005

Education Apps by cies 9 comments

Hi Euclides Chuma,

I'm Cies Breijs the initiator and main developer of KTurtle. As you might remeber I contacted you somewhere in 2002. I was inspired by your application and I wanted to help, yet I quickly found that I couldn't. At this point your app, KLogo-Turtle, suffered from:
- portugese symbols (class/ method and variable names) in the code
- all LOGO commands are hardcoded (every translation)
- there is no real interpreter, this prevents growth
Before I posted this I had a look at the current KLogo-Turtle's source code (0.6), and found non of these issues fixed.

So I started MyOwnLogoApp (for which I had to learn C++/Qt/KDE programming) and called it KTurtle.
- I found a BASIC interpreter in C++ called WSBASIC ( by Walter Schreppers, which i reused
- I wanted to use and re-use as much KDE as possible (now using Kate_part, XMLGUI, KConfigXT)
- for easy translation of the LOGO commands I wanted some external, extendible file format that plays nice with KDE's internationalisation framework (turned out to be XML)
- and I wanted to get into KDE-EDU, so KTurtle gets widely distributed

All the above points are in the current version of KTurtle, which ships with KDE 3.4!

> This Project is a clone of KLogo-Turtle.

Yes, this is true. I build a similar app because (1) I wanted to and (2) I couldn't work with yours.

> Missing new thinks.

Untrue! Euclides, don't get me wrong, I give you the full credit for inspiring me but you cannot say KTurtle misses 'new thinks', it has a lot of 'new thinks'!

I invite you to have a look at (the source of) a current version of KTurtle...

Kind regards,
Cies Breijs. - Feb 16 2005
Konqueror fine-adjustments

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by peppelorum 12 comments

i believe this is a theme thing. Konq is just building its mainwindow using regular widgets. The way they are drawn is defined in the theme.

If im not mistaking i've seen a mockup before on the 'slitter'.

_cies. - Nov 14 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrunko 313 comments

Congrats andrunko,
this shit looks dope! Deffinitly geat polish.

In the last screenshot the treeview selection (blue color around "musics") kinda misfits now. I think it would be better to have the selection span across the whole with of the treeviews box.

Just my EUR.2

_cies - Oct 13 2004

Developers Apps by Sebien 3 comments

cute app...

and a cute kitten! yr digital pet?

just kidding,
cies. - Aug 15 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

very good!

i hope this will be part of the themes that by default ship with kde.

One thing: the icon for the ~/Documents folder; I allway feel that every folder should have a folder icon in. I have the same problem with Crystal, i just have to look twice before i see the documents folder.

I think i know why this is done, since the 'Documents' icon is used also in different places (Save dialog, isnt it?), so maybe we need 2 icons for the Documents-folder... I dunno.

Anyway, good work! - Aug 08 2004

Audio Apps by comix 17 comments

Am i correct when judging from the screenshots that Hydrogen is a bit like FruityLoops? - Jul 19 2004
Fileselector with meta-data

Desktop Concepts by Superstoned 10 comments


gg: search the net
search: sheet q1 expenses

it could be searching 'intelligently'; i.e. using the locate-db, searching the man/info pages, starting with a search in the home folder, return executables (apps) and choose for one approach or an other when it is 'likely' to work like this.


- Jul 14 2004
New iconview (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mabs 9 comments

hoe many different views do we need!?

colum views are easy for comarison/sorting

thumbnail views are easy for mass previewing

the tool-tip that shows in konq gives you all the info you so barely 'need'

sorry i dont see the gap this new view is closing.


- Jul 14 2004
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djworld 167 comments

Now all we need a a Plastik theme for GNOME... So all apps on (my) desktop will look quite consitent :)

It also eliminates the 'what default theme do we choose' problem for the distro's... Cauz none op the options looks so nice as Plastik. - Jun 17 2004

Education Apps by euchuma 2 comments

Yep there is, I wrote (most of) it. KLogo-Turtle inspired me to start C++/Qt/KDE coding, but it didn't allowed me to easily get working on it. KTurtle's recently got part of the kde-edu module (so it will be part of most linux distributions), and has a quite nice feature list. See the project's page here:

and the website here:, soon to be: - Jun 11 2004

Education Apps by cies 9 comments

> Well, it looks good


> but I can't get it to build!

That's indeed a pity... :)

> And yes, I did follow the README

good you mention that, else i would have told you to go there...

Did you read this?

(especially the admin linking part)

If none of this works then please sent me (ciesinasia+AT+yahoo+DOT+com) a full shell-log from the "cvs co kdeedu/kturtle" to the "make" attempt.

Thanks for trying! - Jun 11 2004
GRUB NextBoot

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by marktaff 44 comments

But it would be infinitly greater if it could be a optional feature of kdm's log-out/end-session thingy.

Maybe the possibility for more bootloaders would also be nice.

Nice Job! - Apr 20 2004
Edit as Root

Dolphin Service Menus by gammaknife 44 comments

What about doing a check if you have the needed privileges to "Read", "Edit" or "Execute" on a (any) file. If you do not have the privileges to do a certain action, a dialog could pop-up asking you to supply a (root) password so you can continue with the action you selected.

For "Edit" this dialog could also pop-up once you save your changes to that file. - Apr 16 2004

Groupware by cschlaeg 16 comments

wow! - Apr 06 2004
Kontact Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by th.cherouny 5 comments

From a design point of view the re-using of the KDE-logo in this manner is 'forbidden'. - Apr 02 2004