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Tim Vail
Starcraft Cursor Theme

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Aug 13 2013
well I compressed it into an archive that your system should recognize as a theme when you point to it. here's how I installed it: System > Preferences > Appearance > Theme > click "install". And when you browse for a theme to install, point it to the archive. It will automatically extract it to ~/.icons for you and ask if you want to switch to that theme. If you go to the pointer tab under "customize" (the button next to "install"), it should appear there next to the other pointer themes. Sorry about the confusion. I hope this clarifies things. - Apr 26 2010
alright fixed the animation. It's slower now. I checked it against the game. It's near exact now, and the new package is uploaded. - Apr 16 2010
I'll see what I can do about the pointer speed. How about the spinners? Is the speed ok with those? - Apr 16 2010