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KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes
KDE 3.5 Themes

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 112 comments

by clee
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Jun 13 2003
I haven't worked on it much recently. But I do still have plans for it and I hope to get some time to work on it again soon. (Maybe even port it to Qt4...) - Feb 16 2005
I don't suppose you did:
export KDEDIR=/usr
before running 'configure', did you?

Or did you run './configure --prefix=/usr'?

Setting KDEDIR is the best way to go. - Jun 13 2003
I am using CVS. :)

There's a new kicker menu applet in CVS - you add the applet to the panel, then you turn on MacOS-style menus, and you're solid.

It'll be in 3.2.

-clee - Jun 13 2003
Well, there are two things about that.

1) GTK+ is, IMHO, a pain in the ass to code for, especially when it comes to coding styles.

2) Ximian's "Industrial" theme looks _very_ similar to dotNET with Pseudo3D, also. And the inconsistencies between it and dotNET will be very difficult to notice, or at least it looks like it... and I'm making dotNET look more like it where I can.

3) I've had the preliminary code for a GTK+ version of dotNET laying here on my HD for a while, but it doesn't look anything like the Qt version, and I'm still not quite finished with this one, so...

However, I think that dotNET and Ximian's "Industrial" will go very nicely together. Now we just have to wait for them to release it.

-clee - Jun 07 2003
See if you have a /usr/X11R6/lib/libz*.

If you do, either (1) Move it out of the way to a backup location (like /usr/X11R6/lib/Xlibz.*) or (2) Simply delete it, as it will cause you more problems down the road.

-clee - Jun 07 2003
With this. :) - I took the MKUltra code and added in the support required for the menu button. I haven't talked to Shamyl about this yet, but it's on my TODO. - Mar 24 2003
Of course I take feature suggestions. The only thing that prompted the 1.3 release was a post on Slashdot by some guy who mentioned that the only thing he didn't like about my new version was that it cut off his corner pixels... so I made it possible for him to turn that off. I figure if somebody is annoyed enough by that that they'd make a post on a web site about it, it's probably annoying to a few other people; I, however, happen to think that the rounded corners make it much softer and more usable.

I don't have a copy of Windows (any version) installed, so could you maybe give me a screenshot link or two (in an email, preferably) explaining what you mean? (The progressbars are next up for a reimplementation anyway.) - Mar 18 2003
It's coming. - Mar 18 2003
This is why I don't like the GNOME philosophy of stripping out configuration options. dotNET can support 3 somewhat different modes via a few if statements - the extra added code is really not very complex, and it changes the UI substantially enough to get complaints and compliments (at the same time! :)

In KDE 3.2, there may even be a graphical configuration dialog for per-style configuration settings so that one never needs to muck with the ~/.qt/kstylerc manually at all. This would be nice.

As always, though, I am providing what I feel are the best and most reasonable defaults. Pseudo3D is now default because I think that it looks a hell of a lot better than the old default, because I've reimplemented the style for most of the widgets (only a few stragglers remain, and I'm targetting them too). But it costs me nearly nothing to keep the old code in there, and it even serves as inspiration when I'm looking for how I want to do something in Pseudo3D.

Anyway, my point being - making things like this configurable is good, and taking away the freedom of choice from you guys just because I happen to think Pseudo3D is neat would be stupid and unfriendly. I just wish that the GNOME developers felt the same. - Mar 18 2003
Not currently, no. You could open up the source code if you wanted to hard-code it for yourself, but I'm not about to implement Pseudo3DToolBar=true and Pseudo3DButton=true and so on for every single element. (If someone else wants to, that'd be great, but I'd rather not.)

Also, I'm thinking about merging in the changes from the dotNET-R and making that an option as well. Not sure yet. We'll see. (But one thing is for sure - dotNET is definitely not stagnant. :) - Mar 16 2003
Kiwi is an MP3 player under development, yes. You can find a few tarballs at - we're almost ready to release 0.6, but the 0.6_pre2 is fairly close to what it'll be like.

Right now it's still very basic, but it's fast, and clean, and small (sorta like dotNET :). We're aiming to make it an iTunes for KDE; if that sounds interesting to you, please try it out and give me some feedback. - Mar 15 2003
Sorry, that's a KDE3.x feature only.

-clee - Mar 03 2002
I can try to help you out if I know which distribution you're using... Have you set the QTDIR environment variable? Try running 'locate qapplication.h' and please post the output here. :)

-clee - Feb 25 2002
Of course you can use this style in RedHat! If you haven't yet, visit the homepage and click the link for the RPMs from Ben.

-clee - Feb 25 2002
Well, the style has been ported to Qt3 and at this point, it's pretty complete. I'm still fixing bugs, of course, but I'm very impressed by the new Qt3 Style API, and dotNET is now in the kdeartwork/styles CVS module.

I'm also considering renaming it to dotORG, but that's something that I'll think about later on.

For the adventurous, if you don't already, you can hang out on, in #kde, and chances are pretty good that you'll catch me in there. - Nov 30 2001
First off, this style is definitely not for everybody. This style was originally intended just for my own personal use, but some of the other KDE developers said that it looked good, and they convinced me that other people might also like it. Second, if you don't like it, awesome! Tell me what would be better. Give suggestions. Not that I want to point fingers or anything, but did you even download the style and try it out? How can you know if you do or don't like it if you haven't tested it? If you have, well, my email address isn't exactly a secret. I also frequent this forum pretty frequently now (since I kind of created it) and any comments you make are sure to get my attention.

So tell me what to make better! Everybody wins. If you think that a full rewrite would be better, implementing a better look'n'feel that isn't even remotely similar to a MS GUI, then I eagerly await your patches or the announcement on the main page here. Until then, let the other people tell me how much they like it, because it's a nice boost for my ego. : ) -clee - Oct 19 2001
I'd say use the "clean" gtk+ theme engine. It's not very close, but it's not bad and it's also light on resources (no pixmaps either). Other than that... no idea. I have no desire to code a gtk+ theme engine, either. :p

-clee - Oct 16 2001
If you downloaded this before, there was a bug rendering toolbar buttons with text underneath them as well as an inconsistency with drawing outlines around menu items... If these bugs don't affect you or you just don't care, don't bother to update, but the fixes are in the latest version.

Other news: I'm porting this to Qt3, slowly. But it'll be there for KDE3, maybe even in the default distribution. What do you guys think? Should this be included with KDE3? - Oct 16 2001
Please - make sure that your $KDEDIR is set properly before you compile this and install it. Also, if this style doesn't show up for you in the KControl center, try running 'locate' and see if it's installed to /usr/local/kde or to your $KDEDIR.

Again, thanks for the comments. If you do notice any bugs, even minor ones, please don't fail to let me know about them. My email is

-clee - Oct 15 2001
Thanks for the kind words; I'm working on porting this to Qt3 as we speak, so I'll be sure to release a new version of it once it actually compiles/works.

-clee - Oct 15 2001

KDE 3.5 Themes 28 comments

by clee
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May 12 2004
Thanks for the compliments :)

If you're interested in cleaner code, you may want to port KONX to either this widget style or to my SkeletonStyle framework. dotNET is nifty, and I love it but it's got a few hairy code areas, and this codebase is a bit cleaner as I started fresh with it.

Also, thanks for the pointer about the toolbar buttons. I'll take a crack at that ASAP. - May 07 2004

For any other packagers out there - if you would like to make a binary package for my style, please contact me via email; I will be happy to link to your packages from the official style page, so that we don't have to have "Asteroid for Debian" and "Asteroid for Mandrake" as separate pages here on looky. The database is already full enough, no need to go duplicating the same widget style six times over for different packages. - May 07 2004

Hope you enjoy it. I've got more stuff in the pipeline, as well, so stay tuned.

-clee - May 07 2004
There's a bug in KDE or maybe Qt - I'm not really sure which - which means that the style will only be available to newly-started applications. I've talked to SadEagle (Maksim Orlovich) and we should have this bug fixed by the time KDE 3.3 is released.

Until then, please restart your applications and let me know how you enjoy the style! - May 06 2004

That should read admin/Makefile.common.

Sorry, will fix. In the meanwhile, you should try that. :) - May 06 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 9 comments

by clee
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Dec 22 2003
Well, the problem is that it's sort of difficult to make a screenshot of an animation :)

If you're daring, you can fix my brain damage with the package and get it to compile with Qt 3.1. It should even work against Qt 3.0 but I won't make any promises there; I haven't tested it, of course, but the code was originally written against a Qt 3.0 beta, and I haven't added any specific 3.2+ hooks that would fail. I just packaged it poorly, that's all. - Dec 29 2003
Well, ummm... I don't have Windows, so no Sonique for me.

But thanks for the feedback. - Dec 22 2003

For what it's worth - I wrote this style originally in November 2001.

Just dug it out, updated the code from the old Qt 3.0beta QStyle API to make it compile with the newer Qt releases, and slapped it together to gauge the level of interest.

So, when it finishes - lemme know what you think.

-clee - Dec 22 2003
Baghira Center Tab Alignment Patch

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 13 comments

by shm
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Nov 12 2003
Actually, no, he's using the X server.

Take a look at the screenshot he uploaded earlier today. :)

-clee - Nov 13 2003
Animated Keramik

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 18 comments

by clee
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May 30 2003
I believe that you can alter the contrast using the 'Contrast' slider in KControl under Look'n'Feel/Colors.

As far as the pinstripe goes... well, look around in the source! (Yes, this effect makes it possible to have real MacOS X-style progress bars.)

Now if only keithp would move along with the X Translucency Extension... :) - May 31 2003
This was made from CVS HEAD as of about 48 hours ago.

-clee - May 31 2003
Well, you do it your way, and send me an email when you get it to work. :)

As it is, this is the most straightforward and efficient way to handle it. If you can come up with something better (as in code, not ideas) then please, feel free to show us up.

-clee - May 30 2003
Screenshots are useless for showing animation. As stated, this looks _exactly_ the same as the regular Keramik that you already have, except that the progressbar is now animated.

If there is an easy way to make an MNG out of a window, frame-by-frame, please let me know. - May 29 2003
File Manager + DE Usability

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 35 comments

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Apr 28 2003
We've got better Mac-style menus coming in 3.2.

See for an example... although the alignment is off in that screenshot and the menus are actually coming along a lot nicer recently.

Also, GNOME doesn't really have Mac-style menus. They have a menu widget in their top panel, yes, but it doesn't change to the current application's menus when you change applications; in KDE, it does. (And in 3.2, the Mac-style menubar will be a Kicker applet, so you'll be able to have your K button and system tray and clock all on the top panel at the same time.)

3.2 is going to be even more fun than 3.1 :) - Apr 28 2003

KDE 2 Themes 20 comments

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Jan 23 2002
Glad to see someone making use of my code. :)

-clee - Jan 28 2002