Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

Thanks for trying to troubleshoot this! Here's the output of the xprop command:

cmost@cmost-sabayon64 ~ $ xprop | grep -i icon
_NET_WM_ICON_GEOMETRY(CARDINAL) = 514, 1009, 51, 43
icon window: 0x0
- Jan 09 2010

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

Yes, I'm running 64Bit. Is that a problem for bespin? - Jan 09 2010

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

Hi! I downloaded and compiled the latest SVN snapshot of Bespin on both a KDE 4.3.4 desktop and a KDE 4.4b2 desktop but when I select this theme or use any of the config files available, there appears to be some icon corruption on either KDE desktop. For example, Dolphin's file drawer icon is replaced by a generic xorg place holder icon in the taskbar and in the upper left of file manager windows. I've noticed other subtle icon corruption elsewhere. Any idea why this is occurring or how to fix this? There were no errors when compiling Bespin or installing it. I'm using Sabayon Linux (Gentoo.) Thanks! - Jan 01 2010
RIP: Windows

Wallpapers Windows by AngelusNoctis 9 comments

This is really fun and I love it! May I make a suggestion? Get rid of the expiration date (2015) and replace it with "Today" (the day any convert ditches Windows for Linux.) Also, add the Window's flag to the headstone; either as-is, or, use a Photoshop/Gimp effect to make it look chiseled into the stone. - Nov 07 2009
Win2-XP Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 28 comments

These icons are indeed copyrighted by Microsoft. If I were you, I'd change them slightly or build your own set inspired by the original. Ripping out XP's icons and repackaging them for Gnome violates the copyright. - Sep 15 2009
Aero Glass for Linux

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ILoveNat 7 comments

Aren't there already a billion Aero Emerald themes? How is yours special? I'm not panning, just curious. - Aug 29 2009

Conky by pxjava 165 comments

...entirely too busy and too cluttered to be useful. The amount of information is simply overwhelming. Why not add a section that displays what color underwear you have on while you're at it? I'm not criticizing, but I think it's too much information for most people. - Aug 29 2009

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 18 comments

To use the wise words of Linus Torvalds: "just use KDE!" - Jul 13 2009
Mac OS X Remix

Beryl/Emerald Themes by freevo 2 comments

I don't like the grainy blue window background. Blech! It makes this theme way too busy for daily use. Can you make it simply white? - Jul 10 2009

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Gnominator 1 comment

I personally never download themes without a screenshot. - Jul 04 2009
F.B.I. Terminal

GDM Themes by gnomelook2288 5 comments

A lot of people actually think Ubuntu IS Linux and submit various Gnome based themes; implying they're for Ubuntu. Nevermind there are approximately 600+ active flavors, or distributions of Linux. Of those roughly half run the Gnome desktop (like Ubuntu.) Therefore a lot of themes on this site that proclaim they're for Ubuntu will actually work on pretty much any Gnome based distribution. Gnome-look needs to find a way to reconcile its various sites to avoid this problem. Cheers!! - Jul 03 2009
F.B.I. Terminal

GDM Themes by gnomelook2288 5 comments

...will work on any distribution using GDM. - Jul 03 2009
Human Dark

GTK2 Themes by QkiZ 5 comments

I think the last thing you should do is implement orange into this theme. Just because it's designed with Ubuntu in mind doesn't mean you should automatically pepper the theme with shades of orange, brown and black! Lots of people NOT using Ubuntu use this theme. And, lots of people using Ubuntu hate orange and brown! If you want to maintain s separate "Ubuntuinized" version with lots of orange, please feel free but leave this theme fresh and clean as it is already. Great work!! - Jul 02 2009
Smooth Panel - Milky

Various Gnome Stuff by b2bwild 6 comments

I've noticed on your screenshot and a few others that people have gnome panels that are rounded at the corners. Others have separate panels (with rounded corners.) How is this accomplished in Gnome? thanks - Jun 17 2009

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 20 comments

I can't imagine anyone working on a desktop using one of your themes for more than five minutes!! Yikes! Too busy; too bright. I'm not voting you down though, just giving my opinion. - Jun 08 2009
Ubuntu Human list

GDM Themes by ricemark20 2 comments

If you're going to use 90% of someone else's work, you should give due credit. You used most of my theme, found here: but did not give me credit, even though my name still appears in the control files. Come on now! - Jun 03 2009
Black-Diamond (blue)

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by amitg 4 comments

But how do you install a Gnome color scheme? When I import this into Gnome's preferences dialog it crashes it, and when I extract the tarball all that's there is an index file with no instructions. - Jun 03 2009
Terminator Salvation Theme

Compiz Themes by jordy1982 9 comments

I don't get why you posted this to when your theme is clearly designed for KDE!?!? - May 31 2009
Windows 7 Indigestion

Wallpapers Windows by shmalignant 7 comments

Windows does stink! There's no argument there... ;-) - May 30 2009
Suse Black

Wallpaper Other by sanzoy 5 comments

Personally, I can't see why you'd want SUSE wallpaper when you're clearly running Linux Mint?!? To each his own I guess. - May 09 2009
Ubuntu Jaunty Glass

GDM Themes by cmost 4 comments

Ahh...I had no idea about that. Thanks! In the meantime, mine is a pretty close approximation. :-) - May 04 2009
Ubuntu Jaunty Glass

GDM Themes by cmost 4 comments

I noticed that too, but couldn't find a higher quality logo image. I'll see what I can do. I'm also thinking about adding a drop shadow to the user entry box. What do you think? - May 03 2009
Another Gtk RGBA module

Various Gnome Stuff by berkanan 20 comments

Haha. I should have caught that. That's what I get for being lazy and cutting and pasting. Anyway, I managed to compile this but I have to say, I saw no benefit to using it whatsoever. Many of my favorite programs needed to be added to the exceptions list and some refused to load after the rgba module was implemented. I simply removed it and went back to my previous configuration. Obviously rgba needs a lot of work. Whose working on this? Gnome? - Mar 17 2009
Another Gtk RGBA module

Various Gnome Stuff by berkanan 20 comments

Exactly which development files are needed? I've installed practically every -dev package I can find relating to GTK+ but I'm getting all sorts of errors. - Mar 17 2009
This package conflicts with gtk-engine-murrine. If the aforementioned package is removed (replacing with your DEB) then murrine themes fail to display correctly. I'm on Debian Sid amd64. I had to remove your package and return to the 0.6-SVN package. - Mar 16 2009

GTK2 Themes by perenoel 25 comments

I love the Nimbus theme and your spin on it makes it even more beautiful! This theme would look even better, in my opinion, if you re-colorized the progress bar to Vista's green (currently it's orange.) Keep up the good work! - Mar 14 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by gremlinner 3 comments

You really need to learn how to use ZIP files. Voted down for cluttering up with multiple posts. - Mar 12 2009
Just to let you know, the amd64 engine and icon debs work fine on Debian! Thanks for providing these packages! - Mar 12 2009
Digg is one of my most frequently visited sites! Thanks for the great screenlet! - Feb 21 2009
Ubuntu Brown Edition

Wallpapers Ubuntu by akuji 3 comments

Hasn't Ubuntu always had some sort of garish brown wallpaper? From its inception basically. Brown is definitely not the new black. Sorry. - Feb 16 2009
MurrinaMint 0.1

GTK2 Themes by McLovin 1 comment

I can recognize your themes anywhere McLovin! They're so bright and highly contrasted. Another nice one! - Feb 14 2009

GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707 59 comments

The latest version 1.6.1 looks great! You're really improving this theme by leaps and bounds. I would like to see a solid check-mark in all check-boxes globally across the theme; instead of a filled box to denote that it is checked as is the case in some cases. Also, some progress bars are gray instead of blue. In 'Transmission' (the bit-torrent) client for example, download progress bars are dark gray. On a gray background, it's hard to make out the progress with a quick glance. Other than these couple niggles, this theme is looking really great! - Jan 18 2009

Metacity Themes by fym 8 comments

I love your Conte themes (both the GTK and the Metacity; both of which I use!) Keep up the good work. These just keep getting better and better looking. :-) - Dec 25 2008

GTK2 Themes by darkwater 28 comments

This is a GTK+ theme based on Murrine engine; not a Beryl Emerald theme as you have it classified. You might want to fix this to avoid confusion. - Dec 25 2008
Jaunty Jackalope by yoyovlt - 02

Wallpaper Other by yoyovlt 4 comments

How about waiting until Ubuntu 9.04 reaches at least beta stage before designing a new theme. Speaking of which, you do realize that Ubuntu won't ever be anything other than orange and brown regardless of how many times Canonical promises a visual makeover. you may as well give it up. - Dec 11 2008
Xmas Theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by keithhedger 21 comments

You better include a warning to epileptics...this theme is so bright and busy it may induce seizures!!! - Dec 09 2008
Xmas Theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by keithhedger 21 comments

Very bright, too busy...gaudy overall. Try toning it down a bit. - Dec 07 2008
Fig Desktop

Wallpaper Other by pyce 2 comments

Very cool and unique image! :-) - Dec 07 2008
AluChrystal theme

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 18 comments

Are you using an Emerald or Metacity theme for your window decorator? I use Compiz with Emerald and am having troulbe getting the metacity windeco to work properly. Thanks for a great theme!!! - Nov 06 2008

GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707 59 comments

The new glass-like panel is very sharp!! Looks like crystal. - Nov 02 2008

Wallpaper Other by meteo1984 3 comments

Gee, more brown...and orange...and black. How exactly is this a new concept for Ubuntu? - Nov 02 2008

GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707 59 comments

Okay, as many people here no doubt know, I'm usually a vocal opponent of themes that blatantly rip off Vista. That being said, this theme is truly beautiful. It resembles Vista but with class and beauty all its own. I'm using this theme in Parsix as we speak and it's gorgeous. Great job!!! - Nov 01 2008
The Greyhound Theme

GTK2 Themes by JohnnyJu 79 comments

Can you fix it so the cursor shows up better? For example, when I'm typing an e-mail in evolution, I cannot see the cursor. It's there but the color is so similar to that of the default background of your theme that it's almost imperceptible. I think a white window background is best, but I'm not sure how to change it myself. I'd be happy with a change to the cursor color so it's better contrasted to the background. All in all, this is a fantastic theme!!! Great job! - Oct 23 2008
clean ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by rxvt 2 comments

Can't you combine all of your 'Clean Ubuntu' wallpapers into a single file download? It seems dumb to litter with many copies of the same wallpaper that simply vary by color. - Oct 22 2008
Proprietary Software

GDM Themes by manueljordison 8 comments

First, this GDM theme is ridiculous. Secondly, you've marked this as an 'Ubuntu download' when any Gnome based distribution can use it. Thirdly, why trick yourself with these phony baloney themes and hacks to make Linux look like Windows. Use your head! - Oct 14 2008

GTK2 Themes by Pakos 28 comments

Is it just me or are all of these GTK+ themes starting to look alike?!? - Oct 12 2008
MacOSX Leopard Cairo-Dock Theme

Cairo Clock by alexandreaw 11 comments

Okay, I realize you're a bit biased, but what can you say to recommend Caro Dock over AWN? I'm currently using AWN but I am wondering if Cairo Dock is better. Thoughts? - Sep 17 2008

GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707 59 comments

I hate to break it to you dude but your theme doesn't look anything like Aero. Back to the drawing board. Oh, and try something original next time. - Sep 06 2008
ubuntu AMD64 debs for Nimbus

GTK2 Themes by chipwizz 4 comments

I don't see what's so great about Sun's Nimbus theme! Based on the hype, I downloaded and compiled the latest version for use on my Debian system. I even created DEBs but after a few days, I trashed them and went back to (the much better IMO) Aurora engine. The Nimbus theme is clunky oddly colored and difficult to reconfigure to taste. I don't see what the fuss is about. - Sep 06 2008
Dell Shine Login Window

GDM Themes by anjan 2 comments

The text on the GDM theme can barely be read on this busy theme. I'd suggest lightening up the background by adding a while layer behind this image and then adjusting the transparency of the topmost layer by a few percentage points. That should improve the situation quite a bit. Alternately, try a different text color. - Sep 01 2008