Ubuntu Linux

Wallpapers Ubuntu by rubasu 2 comments

How is this a Beryl theme? Isn't it just a wallpaper? - Jan 05 2007
Human 2.0

Metacity Themes by Albi 14 comments

Is it just me or is the default Ubuntu theme look like pepto puke? Ugh. Your theme is very nice if you like that sort of thing. If you want to please the rest of us, however, try one in soothing blue. :-) - Jan 05 2007
Ubuntu Linux - Hasta La Vista

Wallpapers Ubuntu by cmost 5 comments

Ok guys. I get the hint. The distribution independent version has just been added. Enjoy! - Dec 29 2006

GTK2 Themes by juanfgs0 19 comments

Thank you for a great Ubuntu-looks theme. I've been searching for something to replace the garish orange monstrosity. This works perfectly with HumanAzul2 icon set and the combination effectively completes a "Blubuntu" conversion! Great job - keep it up!!! - Nov 29 2006
We don\'t want your freedom

Wallpaper Other by Spr1gg4N 23 comments

I love it!! I'm a U.S. citizen but I don't believe in running all over the world forcing our way of life onto everyone else. To each his own. - Nov 21 2006
Vista Glow

Compiz Themes by vicko 9 comments

How is Vista-Glow different from the literally dozens of other Compiz / Emerald themes that mimic Windows Vista's window decoration? Not to bitch, but why do 90+% of the Compiz / Emerald themes look the same? Do a Gnome-look.org search and you'll find that yours looks just like all the rest. What have you changed, honestly, the opacity level perhaps? I'd like to see more original looking Compiz / Emerald themes. - Oct 06 2006

Wallpaper Other by heksys 3 comments

Vista's new interface was *not* borroed from, or inspired by XGL/Compiz. An accelerated desktop for Linux (and other UNIX OS's) has been in development for several years and has now come to fruition. The new 'Aero Glass' effects coming in Vista hardly resemble, and are certainly no match for the myriad of effects possible with XGL/AIGLX and Compiz/Beryl. - Sep 24 2006
Swoosh! (formerly Forwardlooks)

GTK2 Themes by simeandrews 15 comments

This is a great theme!!! Is there any chance you would make one with blue scroll bars and highlights a la "Blubuntu"? I love Ubuntu, but I hate the default brown and orange themes. It always takes me days after a fresh install to make things blue. Your theme is the best alternative to Ubuntu's native Ubuntu-looks to date. Even without blue highlights, i'm using it as my new default theme! Keep up the great work! - Sep 23 2006
Ubuntu Human User List

GDM Themes by Stemp 17 comments

I love Ubuntu, but I hate the brown / caramel / orange themes used by default. I always spend days changing everything to soft shades of soothing blue... I wish the Ubuntu devs would release a meta package to transform brown to blue automatically, but that's a rant for another post...

I love your GDM thems, but if you made them blue, it would be the cats meow! Cheers! - Sep 17 2006
Ubuntu Christian Edition GDM

GDM Themes by mhancoc7 23 comments

"I suspect that the rating for this theme will continue to drop due to its Christian affiliation. That is just sad."

No, what's sad is how certain people say things like this when others don't go along , unquestioningly, with their way of thinking. What's sad is how some 'Christians' attack anything and everything that's contrary to their own beliefs; going so far as to introduce legislation in order to keep things offensive to them out of the hands of others who might believe differently.

"Ubuntu CE adds GnomeSword Bible software and Dansguardian web content filtering. The idea behind Ubuntu CE is not to deviate from the Ubuntu community. It is instend to draw a larger Christian base to the already thriving Ubuntu Community. The project is not a gimmick. It has been discussed at length at the Ubuntu forums. Many have objected mainly due to the fact that it is a Christian project."

All of these programs and filters can easily be added to Ubuntu (duh!) That's what your developers have done. Doing so doesn't justify the creation of a new variant of Ubuntu. This is why so many in the community object. It has nothing to do with the fact that you're Christian. (see my comment above.)

NOTE TO MODERATORS: This is my last post on this subject. Sorry to turn this post into my soap box. - Aug 17 2006
Ubuntu Christian Edition GDM

GDM Themes by mhancoc7 23 comments

I'd like to know what's different or special about the so called 'Christian' edition of Ubuntu? Ubuntu contains no packages that would be construed as offensive to Christians, nor does the Ubuntu community at large exhibit an anti-Christian ethos. This seems gimicky to me or at the least, needlessy redundant. - Aug 15 2006

Kbfx Startmenu by DonBilbo88 9 comments

Yeah, you're right. I was really drunk when I typed my other comment! On the other hand, if MS were worried about their butterfly getting out, so to speak, they wouldn't have peppered Manhatten with MSN butterly stickers back in October of 2002. One city official criticized the "illegal, irresponsible and dangerous defacing of public property" when he demanded that MS remove the unauthorised butterly stickers that appeared across the city. In other words, I doubt they'll care if one of their butterflies appears in a wallpaper being used on Linux/BSD, or any other competing OS. - Aug 06 2006

Kbfx Startmenu by DonBilbo88 9 comments

Superstoned, don't you have anything better to do than run around here acting like the copyright police? Who are you, the RIAA or MPAA? MS cannot copyright butterflies or colors. If this guy were to use his butterfly in conjunction with "MSN" or some other Microsoft copyrighted mark you'd have a point. Right now, you don't. This guy does great work. Leave him alone before he stops contributing to KDE-look.org. - Aug 05 2006

Wallpaper Other by nems 3 comments

It's very easy to resize / scale any image. Use the GIMP Luke!
-Obi Wan - Jul 25 2006
PCLinuxOS Bliss Storm (translucent)

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by cmost 2 comments

Hit the 'download' link honey and you'll get the wallpaper. If you click on the preview, you're going to see a screenshot of the wallpaper in use on my desktop. Good luck. - Jul 08 2006
Wiz wiz !

Wallpaper Other by meynome 2 comments

This is not a bee, or a wasp. It's a hover fly.

Most hover flies are between 5-20 mm long, brightly colored in yellow and black, and have large compound eyes that nearly cover the head. One rule of thumb for identifying hover fly gender is, if the eyes meet at the top of the head, it's a male specimen. Each wing has a characteristic fold, or "false vein" which can be visible to the naked eye - it is located anterior to the first large vein that runs all the way to the outer margin of the wing. Of course, being true flies, they have only one pair of wings, plus the characteristic halteres, or bulb-like organs that evolved from the second pair of flying wings. In Syrphid flies, however, the halteres are fairly inconspicuous.

The hover flies are a large group of generally beneficial insects. Their coloring and movements of most species mimic bees or wasps. They are either stout-bodied and covered with hair, resembling a bumble bee, or boldly patterned with yellow, orange and black, resembling wasps or honey bees. Some species even go so far as to wave their front legs in front of their face to mimic the jointed antennae of potter wasps.

Adult hover flies can generally be found hovering in midair or feeding at flower blossoms. They eat only nectar and pollen. Their larvae can be rapacious predators of aphids, thrips, and mites, or parasitic in the nests of ants or solitary bees.

Thought you'd enjoy learning what your picture really is. - Jun 12 2006
Metalic Big Trash

Karamba & Superkaramba by chichovoto 3 comments

Dude, your desktop has a lot of eye candy, but it's way too cluttered for productive use. - Jun 01 2006
Linux Class 2

Wallpaper Other by linuxclass 37 comments

You conservatives are a joke! Why is it so hard for you to take something for what it is? This is a woman with her breasts exposed. That's it! Whether she's beautiful or not, or offensive or not is merely a matter of personal opinion. But no: All of a sudden it's "vulgar" and "porn" and "offensive" and "not art"; in "poor taste." Just keep reading the other comments and you'll get the idea. Give me a break! Guess what folks, we all have bodies, and underneath our clothes, we're all naked; heck we came into this world naked. No other animal covers itself with artificial "clothes." If, as you religious zealots claim, man is made in God's image, then revealing that image is to pay homage to God and of utmost respect. If you're not religious, then revealing one's body is just that. Let's stop being illogical and inconsisstent. - Apr 01 2006
Linux Class 2

Wallpaper Other by linuxclass 37 comments

Uh, not pornography!! Pornography is sexually explicit, this wallpaper is NOT! This is merely the depiction of a stunning female form. This is no more explicit than what you would see in a museum. That is, if you've ever visited one. Men wander around shirtless all the time and they, too, have breasts. Why is that ok but when a woman does it it's all of a sudden porn? Broaden that narrow mind of yours and try to override your conservative upbringing or religious brainwashing! That failing, grow up! You're an adult now. - Apr 01 2006
Linux Class 2

Wallpaper Other by linuxclass 37 comments

...then don't download it! This is perfectly acceptable content, in my opinion. The model isn't doing anything untoward or sexually explicit. The human body is natural and beautiful - ask anyone! If you're so hung-up that the sight of a woman's bare chest offends you then I feel sorry for you. Good day. - Apr 01 2006
Wasp & Flower (PL)

Nature by emisarius 1 comment

I hate to burst your bubble, but the insect in your image is NOT a Wasp. It isn't even a bee for that matter. It's what is known as a Bee Fly, which is in the family Bombyliidae.

Bee Fly adults have long proboscis and feed on nectar and pollen. On a sunny day, they are often seen feeding on flowers, hovering over vegetation or resting on bare ground. They are import pollinators, some are even the primary pollinators of some species of flower plants.

Bee Flies are hairy, most of them mimic wasps or bees (Batesian mimics of Hymenoptera), which is why you easily mistook this one for a wasp. However, they have stout bodies and do not have a narrowed waist. Their wings are easily recognized with distinctive vein patterns, usually dark in colour, some with patterns or spots. When at rest, their wings are flat in outspread position as opposed to pulled into the body (as is the case for most wasps or bees.)

Ok. Enough with the biology lesson! Great image; I merely thought you'd enjoy a correction as long as it were educational! - Mar 18 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by Freddan80 13 comments

Ok, i'm not a programmer. Maybe i'm daft, but when I open the mails_pop3.pl file, I apparently have no idea how to set it up for my particular POP server, username, and password. I tried doing the obvious; that is replacing the crypic variable names already in the file with my own personal information, but no matter how I do it, the theme just doesn't seem to work. Please help! Can someone post their mails_pop3.pl file (with bogus username and password) for me to follow? Thank you! - Feb 04 2006
PCLinuxOS p92 Mooding Splash ExperienceIII

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cmost 6 comments

Hey bud, didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted to add a little sizzle to the Moodin splash. I admit, the spinning pin-wheel would be too cool! - Jan 16 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

This is just wrong for so many reasons (the least of which it's ugly.) Linux is NOT Windows. Linux will never be Windows (thank goodness.) Sorry. Stop trying to fool yourself and others. Putting Windows' logon screen in front of an entirely different OS is just silly. - Jan 10 2006
2 AngelFishes

Wallpaper Other by Gabolander 2 comments

F.Y.I: These are not Angelfish, though they are quite beautiful. - Nov 28 2005

Utilities by vladvic 24 comments

Umm, I can't speak for the author of this app, but peraonally I STILL use XMMS because it's small, stable, simple, and most importantly, it gets the job done right. Sure, I also use AmaroK, but it's so huge and unwieldly when you just want to listen to a track or two. Plus, it's not the most stable software ever written. Other media players have their strengths and weeknesses too. On my system, I use a combination of AmaroK, XMMS, and Kaffiene for all my music playing needs; depending on how I want to listen to my music. What's it to you? - Nov 23 2005

System Software by invernomuto 100 comments

This is the best program EVER! This could really bring Linux closer to the masses! Keep up the good work! - Oct 14 2005

Wallpaper Other by amogh 1 comment

Ok, I spekulated and i've concluded that this is just wrong! You're too funny! - Oct 04 2005
Stick it to \"Click it or Ticket\"

Wallpaper Other by dplace 4 comments

Why wouldn't you WANT to wear your seatbelt in the first place? What are you proving by not wearing it? How dead you can be? This is idiotic. Safety should always come first, especially when you're riding in a heavy vehicle capable of high speeds! Don't be a dummy! Always wear your seatbelt! - Sep 22 2005
Mac OSX Login Screen Imitation

KDM3 Themes by bonafide 11 comments

Thanks again for the KDE / Linux version! It looks great on my system and I will be using it from now on as my primary login screen! If I can bother you one more time with a final question: If I wanted to change the background color, or even add a wallpaper, how would I go about doing so? I've extraced the tar.gz archive and have sifted through the various files so I believe this is possible. I would greatly appreciate your input! Great job...keep up the good work. - Sep 02 2005
Mac OSX Login Screen Imitation

KDM3 Themes by bonafide 11 comments

Thank you much. The KDE version looks extremely professional on my desktop...not the least bit childish. This will be my standard kdm theme! Thanks a lot. - Sep 01 2005
Mac OSX Login Screen Imitation

KDM3 Themes by bonafide 11 comments

This is the best KDM theme i've seen to date, however, I prefer it to say KDE or Linux. (I'm proud of my OS choice and love to demonstrate how cool it is on its own merits without necessarity fooling anyone into thinking it's another OS.)

What are the chances of you modifying this theme to say KDE or Linux instead of MacOS and re-releasing a new version? Just wondering! Great job!!!! - Aug 30 2005
Filebrowser appearence

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 29 comments

These all resemble the latest beta of Vista. Not all that original. - Aug 29 2005
KBFX - Vista

Various Stuff by moodwrod 24 comments

Why does everyone always talk about manualy editing the kbfx config file to change buttons? On my system, all one has to do is drag and drop a new kbfx icon overtop of the old one and it changes to the new one. No configuration fiddling whatsoever. Is it just Debian? Did I just get lucky somehow? Or, is it that some Linux geeks just can't resist the urge to manually edit config files? I'm at a loss... - Aug 28 2005

Wallpaper Other by meeps 3 comments

I'm totally in agreement with this! Vista (a stupid name for Windows to begin with) won't offer anything not already availabe in Linux & the Mac. Certainly won't be worth a couple hundred bucks for an upgrade. Oops, try again Bill... - Aug 27 2005
Bridge NY

Bridges by SLackerLX 2 comments

How long ago was that picture taken? Is that the World Trade Center towers there in the background??? - Aug 22 2005
Plastic2 - Crystal

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 5 comments

Hey, nice screenshots. Where did you say you got the Window decorations? I'm not sure I know what you mean by KDE svn. Please either let me know or post a link to download. Thanks! - Aug 17 2005
koncept glamur

KDE Plasma Screenshots by aivs 8 comments

..."in my humble opinion" I think you forgot to add to your comments.

I think it looks great! But then again, I like blue. Many of the comments you've made are items that cannot be controlled in Linux at the moment. For example, there is a great deal of inconsistency between "Save As" dialog boxes in different applications. This is worsened when you're talking Qt vs. GTK apps. What can you do? Also, the white border under the panel is an effect of using kbfx (at least I think.) It shows up on my box too. Finally, I just want to add that everyone has an opinion of what is beautiful. It is truly in the eye of the beholder. - Aug 09 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by gstnet 11 comments

Um, last time I checked, Christianity is only ONE of many religions. Furthermore, there are a great many folks who are athiests. Therefore, take your "Jesus loves you" crap elsewhere. Maybe Buda loves me, or perhaps Ghia, or even Satan, or no one! My point is, you Christians like to cram your beliefs down everybody's throat like your religion is the end-all be-all. That's bullsh*t! If you don't like it, ignore it. - Aug 04 2005
Not a moth!

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

Actually, not to nitpick, but that is not a moth. It's morphology indicates it's a butterfly. - Jun 27 2005
I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do without the power of caffiene!

Thanks for the great rendition. - Jun 25 2005

Wallpaper Other by Brandybuck 8 comments

Gross! - Jun 17 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by mart 48 comments

Umm, obviously you're one of those hard learners! READ! He says he'll upload the first usable version in a couple of days! If someone wants to post a teaser to generate interest, comments, feedback, or any other pertinent information that is one's right! - May 10 2005
Butterflies love 2

Wallpaper Other by vacant2005 1 comment

Alright now, no butterfly porn shown here! - Mar 26 2005

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by nightwriter 6 comments

Just open the image in the Gimp (or any favorite graphics maniuplation program) and resize the image to your tastes. If you're worried the image may get distorted when accomodating a special resolution, then crop it before you resize. I don't understand why people are always making requests for special wallpaper sizes when it's so easy to create the right size yourself. The artists have done enough work at this point. - Jan 23 2005
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

Umm, look a little closer. These sounds are not my files. I didn't post them, and I don't give a rat's ass who owns their copyrights or what happens to the person who did post them. Furthermore, if you actually took anything I posted here as serious then you really are a dumbass. Next time, know what you're talking about honey before you display your stupidity for the entire web to see. - Jan 01 2005
I Wish

Wallpaper Other by antignu1 11 comments

I'm saying exactly what I wrote: If Windows possessed all of the attributes that Linux currently has, then I would indeed choose Windows. As i've stated, it's the most widely supported OS in the world making it much easier to choose hardware and software. I love Linux, don't get me wrong, but I can't walk into Best Buy and pick up software for it or hardware guaranteed to work out of the box. - Dec 20 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

Kwack, obviously sounds are compositions, and yes they take lots of work and creative talent to prepare. You're getting your panties in a bunch for the wrong reason. What you seem to not realize is that sometimes it's better to give than to receive. It's not always necessary to be paid for every little thing you do; irregardless of how much time or energy you might have put into doing it. Got it? That's the only point I was trying to make. Making that point doesn't make me a pirate or a thief. The world would indeed be a better place if the almighty dollar (or whatever currency you trade with) weren't at the root of everything!!! Now please, let us drop this matter. Thanks and have a blessed holiday. - Dec 19 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

Kwack, I made my comment simply to see if I could get a rise out of you or another lawyerly type. Obviously it worked. I respect copyright and intellectual property, etc., however, I do believe a little common sense needs to be employed. One of these days some dim-wit is going to claim they have a copyright on air and start charging everyone a fee to breathe. - Dec 19 2004
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

Look, these are SOUNDS that come from a particular computer. Big freak'n deal. If people weren't so quick to file a lawsuit over every little thing, then perhaps the world would be a better place. Again, I repeat, these are mere bells and whistles, literally. If Apple were a sport they would simply relish the flattery of being so often mimicked and wouldn't try to milk every dime and nickel they can get over their interface. Perhaps if they get tired of being imitated, they'll port OS X to to the x86 architecture. - Dec 18 2004